YAHAM/Ismart Series LED display/requirements for the conference room, information display. - 6 Pages

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Small Pixel Pitch, Big Wonderful World Ismart Series Ultra HD Full-color LED display Stunning Visual Experience HD Thin Structure High definition Smart Calibration Front/Rear Access Real seamless Brightness Adjustment E-mail: sales@yaham.com

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YAHAM Ismart series adopts the high-quality and high-density SMD leds as a display panel. It could be achieved to make a high-resolution LED screen of any size by seamless splice. It could fully meet the requirements for the broadcasting station, the command center, conference room, information display and other application which needs seamless and high-quality image. It takes the place of the traditional indoor LCD splicing wall and DLP projection splicing products, to provide customers with indoor professional system solutions. Overall & Unified Intelligent control Based on WLAN management platform,...

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Delicate structure Light & Thin High-efficient & Convenient Mobile Interconnection Each cabinet weighs only 7.3kg and could be carried using one hand. One m2 of the cabinet is about 31.7kg/m2 with a little footprint which is good for transportation and installation. Only through WIFI or 3 G, the cellphone or the pad could easily change the display information, achieving interconnected control. Refined & Flat The cabinet, strong and not easy for deformation, employs die-casting aluminum housing made by CNC, which achieves high-precision and seamless splicing with the precision of 0.1mm. Noise-free...

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Control System Infinite electrical load: Unique cascade connection of signal/power cables and synchronization L technology make it with huge and reliable electrical load without black-out, jitter or stutter. ED Display Control line Display computer Optional equipment DVI Video processor Video camera Ethernet cable Fibersplice tray Multi fiber cable Fiber Optic Converter Optical fiber Optical fiber Optical fiber Optical fiber Optical fiber Optical fiber Fiber Optic Converter Optical fiber Ethernet cable Fiber Optic Converter Optical fiber Fiber Optic Converter Network signal Network signal Receiving...

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Applications Security& Finance, Waiting Hall, Theater, Shopping Mall, Club, Hotel & Restaurant, Studio, High-end conference room, Control room &Command center Location:YUNNAN Pixel Pitch:3mm Size: 7.68m * 2.4m Rural Credit Union Location:CHANGSHA Pixel Pitch:1.875mm Size: 3.84m * 1.44m Display solution for command center Location:XIAN Pixel Pitch:4mm Size: 15.36m * 5.76m Display solution for studio & theater Location:TIANJIN Pixel Pitch:3mm Size: 15.36m *1.728m Information Display solution

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Specifications ITEM Pixel Pitch Pixel Configuration Pixel density Module Dimension Module Resolution Cabinet Dimension Cabinet Resolution Cabinet Flatness Cabinet Weight Contrast Ratio Grey Scale Refresh Rate Viewing Angle Peak Consumption Average Consumption Input voltage Driving Method 1/24 Dynamic Scanning 1/20 Dynamic Scanning Maintenance Method Rear Access Front/Rear Access Front/Rear Access Front/Rear Access Front/Rear Access Protection Level (Front/Rear) Life Span(hours) Operation temperature Storage temperature Operation humidity Storage humidity *Specifications are for reference only....

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