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AT series - 9 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

DATA SHEET THIN FILM CHIP RESISTORS AUTOMOTIVE GRADE AT series 0.1% TO 1%, TC 25 TO TC50 Product specification – June 03, 2016 V.4 RoHS compliant

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Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount ORDERING INFORMATION - GLOBAL PART NUMBER This specification describes AT0402 to AT1206 high precision-high stability chip resistors with lead-free terminations made by thin film process. Part number is identified by the series name, size, tolerance, packaging type, temperature coefficient, taping reel and resistance value. APPLICATIONS  Automotive electronics Industrial and medical equipment Test and measuring equipment GLOBAL PART NUMBER AT XXXX X X X XX XXXXX L (1) Superior resistance against sulfur containing atmosphere Moisture sensitivity...

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YAGEO, Phfcomp Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount I AT | SERIES | 0402101206 E-96 series: including values 10/1 l/l 3/15/20/75 of E-24 series, 3 digits E-24 series: exception values 10/1 I /1 3/1 5/20/75 of E-24 series, one short bar under marking letter Both E-24 and E-96 series: 4 digits First three digits for significant figure and 3rd digit for number of zeros For further marking information, please see special data sheet " Chip resistors marking" A metal film layer is deposited on a high grade ceramic body (aluminium oxide). This resistive layer is trimmed to its nominal value...

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Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount DIMENSIONS Table 1 TYPE ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Table 2 Operating Temperature Range Max. Max. Dielectric Resistance Range (E-24/E-96 series)(Ω ) & Tolerance Power Working Overload Withstanding T.C.R. (ppm/°C) ±0.1% ±0.25% ±0.5% ±1% Voltage Rating Voltage Voltage FOOTPRINT AND SOLDERING PROFILES For recommended footprint and soldering profiles, please see the special data sheet “Chip resistors mounting”. PACKING STYLE AND PACKAGING QUANTITY Table 3 Packing style and packaging quantity REEL DIMENSION Paper taping reel Paper taping reel Paper taping...

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Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount FUNCTIONAL DESCRIPTION OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE Range: –55 °C to +155 °C POWER RATING Each type rated power at 70 °C: AT0402=1/16 W AT0603=1/10 W AT0805=1/8 W AT1206=1/4 W R ATED VOLTAGE The DC or AT (rms) continuous working voltage corresponding to the rated power is determined by the following formula: V= Fig. 10 Maximum dissipation (P max) in percentage of rated power as a function of the operating ambient temperature (T amb) Or max. working voltage whichever is less Where V=Continuous rated DC or AC (rms) working voltage (v) P=Rated power...

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Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount TESTS AND REQUIREMENTS Table 4 Test condition, procedure and requirements TEST Short Time Overload TEST METHOD 2.5 times of rated voltage or maximum overload voltage, the less of the above, for 5 sec at room temperature High Temperature Exposure Moisture Resistance 1,000 hours at Tamb = 125 °C, unpowered 1,000 hours at Tamb = 155 °C, unpowered Each temperature / humidity cycle is defined at 8 hours (method 106F), 3 cycles / 24 hours for 10d. with 25 °C / 65 °C 95% R.H, without steps 7a & 7b, unpowered Parts mounted on test-boards, without condensation...

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Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount Board Flex / Bending Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (T.C.R.) Chips mounted on a 90mm glass epoxy resin PCB (FR4) Bending for 0402: 5 mm 0603/0805: 3 mm 1206: 2mm Holding time: minimum 60 second Where t1=+25 °C or specified room temperature t2=–55 °C or +125 °C test temperature R1=resistance at reference temperature in ohms R2=resistance at test temperature in ohms Sulfur 750 hours, 105°C, unpowered.

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Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount REVISION HISTORY REVISION CHANGE NOTIFICATION - Modify Outline - First issue of this specification

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Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount LEGAL DISCLAIMER Yageo, its distributors and agents (collectively, “Yageo”), hereby disclaims any and all liabilities for any errors, inaccuracies or incompleteness contained in any product related information, including but not limited to product specifications, datasheets, pictures and/or graphics. Yageo may make changes, modifications and/or improvements to product related information at any time and without notice. Yageo makes no representation, warranty, and/or guarantee about the fitness of its products for any pa rticular purpose or the...

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