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PE_L series

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Innovative Sen/ice Around the Globe YAGEO DATA SHEET CURRENT SENSOR - LOW TCR AUTOMOTIVE GRADE PE_L series 5%, 1%, 0.5% sizes 0201/0402/ 0603/ 0805/ 1206/ 2010/ 2512 RoHS compliant & Halogen free

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Product specification SCOPE This specification describes PE series curren t sensor - low TCR with lead-free terminations made by metal foil with ceramic substrate. APPLICATIONS • Consumer goods • Computer • Telecom / Datacom • Industrial / Power supply • Automotive • Alternative Energy FEATURES • AEC-Q200 qualified • Halogen-free Epoxy • RoHS compliant • Reduce environmentally hazardous wastes • High component and equipment reliability • None forbidden-materials used in products/production • Low resistances applied to current sensing ORDERING INFORMATION - GLOBAL PART NUMBER Global part...

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R051 marking layer protective coat r\\V-A<l end termination protective coat ceramic substrate resistive layer Fig. 5 Chip resistor outlines

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Chip Resistor Surface Mount I pe_l | series | 0201 /0402/ 0603/ 0805/ 1206/ 2010/ 2512 Note: 1. For relevant physical dimensions, please refer to construction outlines. 2. Please contact with sales offices, distributors and representatives in your region before ordering. ®<D©(£)-

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Product specification ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS Table 2 POWER RATING (i) SERIES SIZE 07 7W 7T 47    57 TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT OF RESISTANCE TOLERANCE RESISTANCE RANGE Note: 1. Global part number (code 10 - 11) 2. Please contact with sales offices, distributors and representatives in your region before ordering. OPERATING TEMPERATURE RANGE PE0201 to PE0402 Range: -55°C to +125°C (Fig. 6-1) PE0603 to PE2512 Range: -55°C to +170°C (Fig. 6-2) POWER RATING Standard rated power at 70°C: PE0201 = 1/20W PE0402 = 1/16W PE0603 = i/i0W PE0805 = 1/8W PE 1206 = 1/4W PE2010 = 1 /2W PE2512 = 1W For...

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Product specification PACKING STYLE AND PACKAGING QUANTITY Table 3 Packing style and packaging quantity PACKING STYLE    REEL DIMENSION PE020I PE0402    PE0603    PE0805 PEI206 PE20I0 PE25I2 PAPER TAPE cover tape Table 4 Dimensions of paper tape for relevant chip resistors size SIZE    SYMBOL    Unit: mm

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Product specification EMBOSSED TAPE Table 5 Dimensions of embossed tape for relevant chip resistors size SIZE SYMBOLUnit: mm Ao    Bo    W    E    F    P0    P1    P2    ODc    0D:    T

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Product specification REEL SPECIFICATION Fig. 9 Reel Table 6 Dimensions of reel specification for relevant chip resistors size QUANTITY SIZE PER REEL REEL SIZE LEADER/TRAILER TAPE SPECIFICATION

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Product specification For recommended soldering profiles, please refer to data sheet “Chip resistors mounting”. FOOTPRINT Fig. 1 1 Single resistor chips recommended dimensions of footprints Table 7 Footprint dimensions SIZE    RESISTANCE RANGE

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Phfcomp istor Surface Mount I pe_l I series | 0201 /0402/ 0603/ 0805/ 1206/ 2010/ 2512 Product specification TESTS AND REQUIREMENTS Table 8 Test condition, procedure and requirements TESTTEST METHODPROCEDUREREQUIREMENTS Life/    MIL-STD-202G -method 108    1,000 hours at 70±2 °C applied RCWV    ±(1 %+0.0005 Q) Operational Life/    iec 60115-1 425 1    1.5 hours on, 0.5 hour oft, still air required Exposure/ Endurance at Upper Category Temperature 1,000 hours at maximum operating temperature    ±(I%+0.0005 Q) depending on specification, unpowered No direct impingement of forced air to the...

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Product specification Chip Resistor Surface Mount REVISION HISTORY REVISION CHANGE NOTIFICATION RESISTANCE RANGE TOLERANCE - Extend resistor value for 0.5% TEMPERATURE COEFFICIENT OF RESISTANCE The resistors are constructed using outstanding TCR level material, which makes Yageo PF Version 2 Apr.resistors excellent for current 20, 2015 sensing application in battery charger circuit & DC-DC converter. Version 1 Mar.The 2015 04, composition of the resistive material is adjusted to give the PF 2010 approximate required resistance Version 0 Feb.and 2015 - with a protective 10, is covered...

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