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Current Sensing Chip Resistors - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Innovative Service Around the Globe Current Sensing Chip Resistors

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About Yageo Founded in 1977, the Yageo Corporation has become a world-class provider of passive component services with capabilities on a global scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. Yageo currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No. 3 in MLCCs and No. 4 in ferrite products, with a strong global presence: 21 sales offices in 15 countries, 9 production sites, 8 JIT logistic hubs, and 2 R&D centers worldwide. Ferroxcube and Vitrohm, who produce ferrites and leaded resistors, are also a part of the Yageo group. We support our customers with...

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Introduction Low Resistance, High Power for Current Sensing Applications Current Sensing Chip Resistors Current measurement is very important in power and instrumentation systems for circuit control, protection, monitoring, and performance enhancement. Engineers in power supply and battery circuit designs need to consider a give-and-take strategy between low resistance values to minimize power losses and sufficient voltage supplies to avoid noises generated from the environments or particularly in switch mode power supplies. Yageo’s current-sensing chip resistors are also fully compatible with...

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Current-Sensing Circuit Applications Low-Ohmic Resistors in Power-Sensing Current-sensor resistors are used in power sensing applications such as sensing output current in power supplies and automotive engine management systems. As shown in Figure 1, a typical function for a current-sensor chip resistor is as a currentsensor (Rsense). This generates the sensing voltage (Vs) for a feedback control network through which an output current (Io) passes. The sensing voltage triggers MOSFET switches, switching them ON and OFF to regulate the duty factor of the current passing through a choke (L). The...

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Tight Tolerance in Sensing Resistance 2 Current Sensing Chip Resistors The magnitude of the output ripple depends on the inductance of the choke - the higher the inductance, the lower the ripple. A high inductance choke, however, reduces the ability of the circuit to respond to high frequency transients. Such a choke will also be physically large, limiting the possibilities for miniaturization so essential to modern mobile equipment. Figure 4 Relationship between average output current and A trade-off is therefore necessary between choke peak current with a ripple of 0.04 volume and output current...

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Market Applications Yageo’s current sensor chip resistors are optimized for current sensing control. The current sensor current sensors, available from 0.05 to 5 watts, are applicable to battery pack, power supply and converter, and are suitable for use in diverse power control circuit of notebook computer or the hard disk of other compact portable devices that have current sensing and over current protection requirements. Featuring a comprehensive resistance range of 0.5 milliohms to 1 ohm and superior temperature coefficient (T.C.R.) performance is able to meet various customer demands and applications. Segment...

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Product Portfolio Thick Film Current-Sensing Chip Resistors (RL & PT Series) marking layer overcoat protective coat Based on thick film technology, these products exhibit far low parasitic inductance than wirewound and leaded counter parts. Yageo’s thick film RL/PT low-ohmic current sensing chip resistors is low cost, capable of providing low TCR down to ±75ppm/°C, resistance value down to 50mΩ with power up to 2 watts of power dissipation. resistive layer termination (Ni / matte tin) inner electrode ceramic substrate Cross section of RL / PT series Metal Foil Current-Sensing Chip Resistors (PE...

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Dimensions Wide terminal I1 Resistance range Note: 1. Apply to ordering codes ending in “L” 2. Apply to ordering codes ending in “Z” Please contact sales offices, distributors and representatives in your region before ordering

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Resistance range Current Sensing Chip Resistors Wide terminal Resistance range Product Portfolio Resistance range Note: 1. Apply to ordering codes ending in “L” 2. Apply to ordering codes ending in “Z” Please contact sales offices, distributors and representatives in your region before ordering 9

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Product Selection Tables

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Global part number Max. Operating Series Size Power voltage Temp. range rating T. C. R. 100mΩ ±100 ppm/°C 100mΩ < R < 1Ω ±75 ppm/°C Current Sensing Chip Resistors Resistance range Product Selection Table ±50 ppm/°C ±75 ppm/°C ±100 ppm/°C

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Wide terminal Global part number Max. Operating Series Size Power voltage Temp. range rating Resistance range 4 terminal Global part number Max. Operating Series Size Power voltage Temp. range rating Resistance range 0.5mΩ, 0.75mΩ ±700 ppm/°C 1mΩ ≤ R ≤ 2mΩ ±400 ppm/°C 3mΩ ≤ R ≤ 5mΩ ±150 ppm/°C ±75 ppm/°C ±100 ppm/°C Jumper Global part number Operating Temp. range Rated Current

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Environmental characteristics Performance test Life High temperature exposure 1 000 hours at 70°C ±5°C applied RCWV 1.5 hours on, 0.5 hours off, still air required 1 000 hours at maximum operating temperature depending on specification, unpowered Each temperature / humidity cycle is defined as 8 hours (method 106F), 3 cycles / 24 hours for 10d with 25°C / 65°C 95% R.H Electrical test not required. Magnification 50X Lead-free solder bath at 245 ±3°C Dipping time: 3 ±0.5 seconds Resistance to soldering heat Current Sensing Chip Resistors Moisture resistance Test method Lead-free solder, 260°C, 10...

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Explanation of ordering code PT 2512 F K - 07 Series name (code 1-2) Default Code (code 17) RL = Thick film current sensor PT = Thick film current sensor low T. C. R. PA/PR/PE = Current sensor - low T. C. R. PS = 4 terminal, Current sensor Resistance (code 12-16) There are 2~5 digits indicated the resistance value. Letter R is decimal point. Ex: 0R = Jumper 0R1 = 0.1Ω 0R01 = 0.01Ω 0R001= 0.001Ω 0U5= 0.0005Ω Taping Reel (code 10-11) 07 = 7 inch Dia. reel 13 = 13 inch Dia. reel 7W = 7 inch Dia. reel 2 x standard power type 7T = 7 inch Dia. reel 3 x standard power type 47 = 7 inch Dia. reel 4 x standard...

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