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etherRAIL Switch SM/SW 5TX M12 The Yacoub etherRAIL SM/SW 5TX M12 switch is a further development from the etherRAIL product series for advanced industrial purposes, according to degree of protection IP 67. robust – direct mounting in machinery and equipment without switchboards, waterproof – best qualified for operational duty in wet, dirty and dusty industrial environment, including at extreme temperatures, compact – extremely small housing dimensions which result in less required space within machinery or equipment, universal – Available as managed (SM 5TX) and unmanaged (SW 5TX) Switch The SM/SW 5TX M12 is ideally suited for efficient data transmissions under extreme environmental conditions, e.g., external plants, vehicles, trains, cranes and ships. Compact design, direct montage and a unique plug-and-play concept enables the user to assemble or to enhance ethernet networks in a quick and cost-effective way. The 5 Ethernet ports are connected via M12 circular plug-in devices, characterised by: • inexpensive transmission media and field-coupled devices, • short and defined reaction times and • high reliability including under extreme environmental conditions. The ports can be connected to further network segments or terminal devices. A standalone switch is also possible. FL 0047- 04/2013 AUTOMATION TECHNOLOGY FOR EXTENDED INDUSTRIAL APPLICATIONS

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Technical Data General Data Housing L x W x H Mounting Mounting position Protection class Permissible operating temperature Permissible storage temperature Weight Power supply Input voltage range Max. power consumption Max. current consumption at 24 V Protection against polarity reversal Transient surge protection Connection Cable diameter Ethernet Interfaces Number Connector Cable Cable impedance Transmission rate Max. cable length Isolation to system and shielding Dielectric Withstand Voltage Duplex Auto Negotiation Auto Crossover Auto Polarity Management Functionality SM 5TX Protocols Quality...

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