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x-calibur - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Bench Top EDXRF Spectrometers X-Calibur & X-Cite Light Elements Starting from Carbon Detector Resolution Down to 123eV Non-destructive elemental analysis C(6)-Fm(100) from Sub- PPM to 100% concentrations Six customizable filters for fast and accurate determination of trace and minor elements Down to 123eV resolution Robust design, compact geometry Detection Levels from sub-ppm to 100% Fast and Non-Destuctive Analytical Method Sample tray with 8/16 positions Easy to operate due to the proprietary nEXt™ software package Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) enables extremely high count rate applications with excellent energy resolution, suitable for both high and low Z elements Optional: SDD LE thin window for improved light elements analysis

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X-Calibur & X-Cite Fast Silicon Drift Detector (SDD): Xenemetrix’s bench-top Energy Dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) spectrometers offer a cost-effective solution in today’s market for elemental analysis. The compact spectrometers fit comfortably on a traditional laboratory bench and include a fully integrated computer system. Xenemetrix’s bench-top spectrometers use a high resolution detector, optional software integrated camera and a powerful X-Ray tube in order to accommodate samples of various sizes and types. The unique front - anode geometry of the X-Ray tubes, combined with an advanced...

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The Power to Change Energy Into Information

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Key applications Polymers: plastics row material analysis, PVC, additives, traces and others Mining & Minerals: cement, limestone, sand, clays, bauxite, phosphate rock, gypsum and others Petrochemical: Sulfur and ULS in fuels, lube oils monitoring, additives, wear metals and others Metallurgical: research and quality control of the various metal industry processes of stainless steels, cast irons, metal sorting and others Environmental: wastewater, RoHS compliance, air pollution, soils & grounds, emmission control and others Coating Thickness & Thin Films: analysis of multilayer coatings, steel...

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