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S-Mobile - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Bringing the Power of a Laboratory Spectrometer to the Field Non-destructive Elemental analysis C(6) - Fm(100) from sub-ppm to 100% concentrations Ideal for Mobile & Field Laboratories Detector Resolution Down to 123eV Detection Levels from sub-ppm to 100% Fast and Non-Desturctive Analytical Method 50W tube power combined with Portable robust design, providing onsite lab quality for complex field applications and excellent performance Improved detection limits along the entire spectrum Ease of operation is facilitated by the proprietary nEXt™ analytical package Go / no go operational mode with Easy nEXt Optional: Silicon Drift Detector SDD higher-count rate and resolution for improved analysis ULS Version: Ideal for ULS (Ultra Low Sulfur) applications in diesel, oils, fuels, gasoline & other distillates, with LOD below 1ppm Complies with ASTM D4294-10, D7212 & others, without the need for Helium supply

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S-Mobile ULS Version Advantages: Enables the S-Mobile portable analyzer to be specially adapted for Ultra Low Sulfur applications. This powerful 50KV/50W EDXRF system delivers sensitive, precise and quick response performance, and complies with the latest strict international standard methods for low sulfur concentration levels analysis: D4294, ISO 20847, ISO 8754, ISO 13032 and IP 531. System also complies with levels required in ASTM D7220, ASTM D7039, ISO 20846, ISO 20884, and ISO 13032. Oil Analysis standards compliance: ASTM D7751, ASTM D6481 The S-Mobile is a small compact analyzer that...

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The Power to Change Energy Into Information

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Key applications Petrochemical: Sulfur and ULS in fuels, lube oils monitoring, additives, wear metals and others Mining & Minerals: cement, limestone, sand, clays, bauxite, phosphate rock, gypsum and others Metallurgical: research and quality control of the various metal industry processes of stainless steels, cast irons, metal sorting and others Environmental: wastewater, RoHS compliance, air pollution, soils & grounds, emission control and others Polymers: plastic raw material analysis, PVC, additives, traces and others Coating Thickness & Thin Films: analysis of multilayer coatings, steel coating,...

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