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Petro-Marine - 6 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Petro-Marine Fuels & Oils Monitoring System Sulfur in Diesel, Sea Water Contamination, Cat Fines & Wear Metals in Lube Oils Low Sulfur fuels : New legislation requires the use of low Sulfur fuels in environmentally sensitive areas Cat Fines : Silicon and Aluminum originating in the Real-time data transfer by Wi-Fi or GPRS Wear Metals : Monitoring the levels of Fe, Cr, Ni, Cu, GPS location based data analysis and unique transaction signature Calcium, Zinc and Phosphorus in bunker fuels are Ensures savings in operational costs, & a high degree of engine safety and performance refinery process can cause an engine failure when appearing in a large concentration Zn, Pb and other element in lube oils is essential for engine wear avoidance and lowering costs of operation indicators of the fraudulent mixing of used lubrication oil in these fuels

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The powerful Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) analyzers of Xenemetrix are capable of more sensitive and precise analysis than can be expected from a laboratory class analyzer. The Petro-Marine analysis system is appropriate to be used onboard vessels, thanks to its robust design. The EDXRF technology allows an accurate percentage and sub percentage analysis, within 100 seconds, with very low operational costs and no need for sample preparations. The Petro-Marine analyzer is designed to fulfill all key aspects of the marine fuels and oils industry. This includes: meeting the government...

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The Petro-Marine is an onboard analysis system for detecting Sulfur in Diesel fuel, compliant with the international regulations for "Sulfur Oxides in Diesel Fuel". The IMO (International Maritime Organization) continuously sets new standards in order to minimize and control the harmful polluting exhausts from vessel engines. IMO is the World's largest maritime organization with over 170 member states and acts as a regulatory agency for the international maritime industry. The monitoring and control of Sulfur oxides, named MARPOL Annex VI is divided between inside ECA (Emission Control Areas)...

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Cat Fines Detection Cat fines are substances of Silicon & Aluminum compounds which are required as catalysts in the refining process. These particles can cause severe cylinder wall damage when present in large concentrations. The Petro-Marine system allows the ship owner to confirm the presence and magnitude of cat fines in the in fuel within seconds during the fuel purchase thereby avoiding potential engine failure. Water Contamination The Petro-Marine system enables the detection of sea water contamination in marine fuels by analyzing the content of Na, Cl, Mg and K. The analysis is quantifiable...

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Petro-Marine Software The systems are equipped with GPRS/Wi-Fi/Satellite Data Transfer and GPS. This enable location based data to be transferred immediately to the shipping company HQ server for reporting & monitoring. Petro-Marine has an advanced software package with strong abilities. The user-friendly system enables an operator to perform multiple tests within a short time and minimum effort. The Petro-Marine system can operate in a “stand alone” mode wherein all data and results are stored locally, as well as in a “client-server” configuration (advised) wherein all results and data are updated...

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Petro-Marine Application Petro-Marine Server ■ Collects test data from all systems. ■ Controls systems setup and calibrations. ■ Enables data to be sent to an advanced report repository. ■ Automatic backup of all systems test data on a daily basis. Main Server Features: Definition of users. Systems management. Fully customizable report generator. ► Bi- directional communication. Automatic software updates. ► Multiple locations management. Worldwide Distributions: North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa & Middle East Xenemetrix is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer...

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