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XEBEC Stone™ Flexible Shaft

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Crosshole Deburring Tools Product Catalog CNC deburring solutions with XEBEC innovative ceramic fiber tools

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tools manufactured with our revolutionary technology using ceramic fibers    LJ TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. One bristle has 1,000 cutting edges. Each bristle is made by fixing 500 - 1,000 ceramic fibers, each together with a binder. The tips of each of these fibers, a few dozen microns in diameter, form the cutting edges. Continuous cutting edges provide stable and consistent grinding performance. « Overpowering grinding force 1 The high grinding power exhibited by thousands of cutting surfaces reliabh ® l Cutting edges that keep cutting ) The self-sharpening fiber structure works to the very end...

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(strength] Overpowering grinding force » XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole e{ XEBEC. TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Free of abrasive grains. The fiber content ratio is approximately 80%. Our uniquely developed ceramic fibers themselves are the abrasives; their fiber content ratio is over 80%.The thousands of cutting edges that are made up of the ends of each individual fiber create overpowering grinding power. Abrasive content Handles all sorts of materials up to HRC 65 The brushes can process general materials up to HRC 65. They can handle hard-to-cut and superhard materials from general metals, aluminum, and...

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XEBEC Brush™ are tools that allow for the automation of deburring and polishing with machining centers, robots, and specialized machines. » How to Set the Process Parameter >{ XEBEC. TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Intended Machine Tool How to select a XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole XEBEC Brush™ can be attached to machinery with a standard collet chuck, milling chuck, drill chuck, etc. Attach to an NC machine that meets the requirements below and use under the following recommended processing conditions. O Machining center capable of 8000 min1 or higher (10000 min-1 or higher for the CH-A12-1.5M) • Electric...

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» XEBEC Stone™ Flexible Shaft >{ XEBEC. TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole (standard) Lineup Materials and Structure A12(Red) Brush Product code Target primary processing hole Brush diameter a Shaft diameter b Shank diameter c Full length L Maximum rotation speed Recommended rotation speed I Tool schematic ■Material • The XEBEC Stone™ uses the same proprietary structure as XEBEC Meister Finish. It exposes a large number of cutting edges on the entire surface, resulting in exceptional grinding force. • The self-sharpening cutting edges do not clog, resulting in consistent grinding...

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%i XEBEC. TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Successful Automated Applications XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole IABS block Category Workpiece Material Process details Automotive brake part ABS block Aluminum alloy Machining center/ Cross-hofe deburring of internal diameter * Use a brush that corresponds to the hole diameter. Failure to do so could lead to bending, deformation, or breaking of the bristles or shaft, and is dangerous. * Be sure to begin rotation only after you have inserted the tool bristles into the cylinder to be processed. Failure to do so could damage or scatter the bristles. [Target burr...

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TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. XEBEC TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. ADD. 1-7-25, Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 102-0083, Japan TEL. +81-(0)3-3239-3481 FAX. +81-(0)3-5211-8964 URL http://www.xebec-tech.com E-mail info@xebec-tech.com ©COPYRIGHT SO 14 XEBEC TECNOLOGY. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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