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Catalogue excerpts

XEBEC products are manufactured in a plant that meets ISO 9001 international quality control and assurance standards. XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Meister Finish XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ (plastic mold steel, carbon steel) TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD. Ceramic Stone" Unique polishing stones made of XEBEC's original ceramic fibers. No breaking. No cracking. No chipping. yy XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Meister Finish yy XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Pencil yy XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Heat-Resistant yy XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Diamond yy XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Soft Features [Uniquely developed by XEBEC] • Best solution for removing EDM scales. • Sides of rod type can be used. • Can be formed into desired shape by an electrodeposited diamond •Variety of sizes is available. Heat resistance temperature has been increased up to 200 degree • Long hour usage is possible even with an ultrasonic polisher. • Can be used to polish deep slits of ribs. XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Materials harder than HRC57 (cemented carbide, • Efficiently and cleanly polishes hard materials. • Both tip and sides can be used to polish. • Can be formed into desired shape by an electrodeposited diamond • Can be used even more efficiently when attached to tools. XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Nonferrous materials (aluminum, copper) Rubber binder allows soft contact to workpiece.

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Two way linear structure of ceramic fiber! [Uniquely developed by XEBEC] Efficiently polish by tip of the stick. •We have an extensive lineup in a range of #120~#3000 equivalent. Revolutionary braded structured ceramic fiber! [Uniquely developed by XEBEC] •No breakage during high speed rotation. No splitting of the tip. •Cutting edges on the ceramic fiber tips are exposed entire surface of the rod type, and both tips and sides can polish. Dia. 2mm and smaller and # 220 equivalent (gray) has the same structure as the stick type. ►Ideal for precise polishing of ribs, flat surfaces, curves, bosses,...

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•Heat resistance temperature of XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Heat-Resistant is 200 degree Celcius! •Can be used to polish deep slits of ribs. •Best solution for removing EDM scales. •All layers contain diamond particles so grinding performance does not change. •Can polish both the tip and the sides. •Can be used with electric, air, and ultrasonic polishers for greater polishing efficiency

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XEBEC Ceramic StoneTM Soft For fine deburring and removing scratches Rubber binder allows soft contact and do not damage workpiece. Features Please note it cannot be twisted. Shading of vise marks the grindstone may split when twisted strongly. (Using XEBEC Ceramic StoneTM Soft ) XEBEC Ceramic StoneTM Pencil For polishing and deburring narrow parts Ideal for polishing engraved and narrow details of mold Features Ultrafine 0.5mm square, 0.9mm square Al f d b i Also for deburring purpo purpose Corner deburring (XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ pencil) Hole edge deburring Seating surface of blind holes deburring

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Product Lineup XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Meister Finish Stick type ^Equivalent grit XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Accessary •Stick holder

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•Use the tip at about 45 degree angle from the workpiece. •Using it together with an oscillation tool (ultrasonic, air, el ectric etc.) improves effectiveness. •Using lubricant prevents clogging and increases polishing efficie ncy. Rod type has grinding power in Applying lubricant improves polishing efficiency. ^Using a metal lubricant is recommended. You can shape or form the tool tip to suit specific application. >You can easily shape or form the stone with an electrodeposited >To shape the tip of the rod type thinner, chuck the stone to a diamond file or grinder. grinding tool and rotate it...

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