XEBEC Ceramic Fiber Tools for Handwork - 5 Pages

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XEBEC Ceramic Fiber Tools for Handwork
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Ceramic Fiber Tools Quick deburring solutions with XEBEC innovative ceramic fiber tools iy XEBEC Brush™ End type » XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole » XEBEC Stone™ Flexible Shaft >i XEBEC Stone™ Mounted Point » XEBEC Ceramic Stone™ Meister Finish

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XEBEC Tools for handwork Our unique Ceramic Fiber technology promises outstanding performance with safe, accurate and high quality finishing!

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Unparalleled"XEBEC Ceramic Fiber Tools" There are secrets to the unmatched material. There are secrets to the unmatched material. p OnlyH| |TPatentedH| Each brush bristles, stone heads, and ceramic stones are made by ^ *"1 * ^ ^ binding 1,000 ceramic fibers, each a few dozen microns in diameter. ^^^(iJr ^^^x/d/r The tips of each of these micro fibers perform as continuous cutting edges, and these solid ceramic fibers promise stable and consistent grinding performance. [brush bristle] Fine Edge Quality y Fine edges, no scratches or no damage to periphery. >• Assures fine finishing by hand work. >•...

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XEBEC Brush™ Ceramic Fiber Brush WJ Ceramic Fiber Points Optimal for reducing waviness and polishing of flat and curved No need for point processing, making it ideal for deburring of inner diameter cross-holes and recessed parts. Curved surface drift removal Don't use with pneumatic tools. Rotate the brush inside use near the burr area. Don't use with pneumatic tools. Flexible shaft allows soft contact It can be used with air tools because it can be used with high rotational speed. Edge deburring lightly (bend displacement placing it into contact. TOOL Don't use with pneumatic tools. Aluminum...

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» Product lineup Mobile Micromotor System Product code s& When using vibrating tools or rotating tools, please read the warnings and user instructions that accompa- ny the tool, and then please use the tool at or below its maximum rotational speed. XEBEC Brush™ Crosshole ^Use a tool that corresponds to the hole diameter. Failure to do so could lead to bending, deformation, or breaking of the bristles or shaft, and is dangerous. i&Be sure to begin rotation only after you have inserted the tool bristles into the cylinder to be processed. Failure to do so could damage or splay the bristles. i^Use...

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