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XCMG rotary drilling rig XR220D construction - 6 Pages

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XCMG rotary drilling rig XR220D construction
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KCMG HX<CMG imm #!in«i#iiiixieta«wps^si XUZHOU XUGONG FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD. m±: fl:»£ft«rlT£ilW£E&jEll]»36# Add:No.36 Tuolanshan Road, Jinshanqiao Developing Zone, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China ?li«J3&#*ft£gSales and Service Hotline: 400-110-9999 i|5£SPostcode: 221004 |w|ijtweb: XUZHOU XUGONG FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD.

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XR220D Multi-Function Rotary Drilling Rig Technical Characteristics Technical Specification mm / Crowd Winch 2.    ihtrtm,    Hi#«[#*» att**ttaisE®*o 5, SmiSi+*£CE^S*, $£Wf$iiE, e, □rE«#aiinjEs se^ss.$mi*.o 7. «£*+*!»£$. 8.    *■"!««#, »£^HJfcJiWW»ttIo 1, It adopts the dedicated hydraulic retractable crawler chassis and large diameter slewing bearing to provide extraordinary stability and transport convenience; 2 It adopts the Cummins electric control turbo-supercharged engine to provide strong power and conformity with Euro III emission standard. 3, The hydraulic system adopts the limit...

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XR220D Multi-Function Rotary Drilling Rig Technical Parameters Kelly bar/Casing Configuration table 3UW Type Max. length of casing sections

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XR220DMulti-Function Rotary Drilling Rig gtfjfjtXji Multi-drilling system Transport Parameters Complete machine transportation XR220D XR220D Rotary Drilling Rig m=62.5t Disassembly Transportation (S*;*jXR220D®E}gffitJl (This is only for XR220D Drilling Rig For other models as per technical specification)

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Drilling tools Main Technical Parameters of XR—series rotary drilling rig Sl$ffn4i§85»4 Double-bottom single-door soil bucket «E»?Fn4£{f!»4 Double-bottom double-door soil bucket Double-bottom double-    Double-bottom single door bucket with cutting teeth do°'buck" wiIh cu"'m9 teeth Main applicationxlay, the soil dry into holes_Main application: Hard rock, boulder Split type drill bit Double-head singlescrew soil auger $E»9Tn4ifi«»4 Single-bottom doubledoor soil bucket Cylindrical bucket with cutting teeth JFftfStt Cone-bit cylindrical bucket aAd&JSs *±i. assist Main application:Cobbles,Strong...

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XR220D Multi-Function Rotary Drilling Rig Sfe X HI Construction Picture $|j X HI Construction Picture 4 1 XR220IV-$8&ffl#ii££*]3E;§Ml XR220DIV rotary drilling rigs working in Victoria, Hong Kong 2 XR220D CFA-|fc#ftI XR220D CFA working in Changchun 3 XR220D    MT Drilling with casings of XR220D in Turkey 4 XR220DMB£a^m-^gs^tIIIi Rub machine XR220DII configuration in Kazakhstan 1 XR220Dll£±5£jSII XR220DII working in Turkey 2 XR220D±?glX XR220D working for building construction in Turkey 3 xR22roivna»7L«J3ffta4#S§tti XR220DIV with penumatic DTH working in Hong Kong

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