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XCMG rotary drilling rig XR180D construction - 6 Pages

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XCMG rotary drilling rig XR180D construction
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MCMG With the development of the technology, the product will improve on, and differences between the material and the machine may exist. Products for sale should go on with the sales contract. The sample can be only regarded as the reference. If you need the most recent information of our product, please contract us in time XUZHOU XUGONG FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD. m±: Add:No.36 Tuolanshan Road, Jinshanqiao Developing Zone, Xuzhou, Jiangsu, China fg*JI£*fc^Sales and Service Hotline: 400-110-9999 Postcode: 221004 pxjilkweb: XUZHOU XUGONG FOUNDATION CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD.

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XR180D Multi-Function Rotary Drilling Rig Technical Characteristics 5, StaiftTtjftSCEjg^S*. ££W«iDE, SSlKS^o 6, #K*4«£*jt, #if«#HH!. 7, £#«fcteffle*“MKiSft, 5#JE^HlfeSW#»JtIo s,    (**& «»#l £*se3k nsa»?L*» $««). Technical Specification )i4lj)PJ± / Crowd Cylinder    / Crowd Winch 1, With the special hydraulic telescopic crawler chasis (TDP series) of rotary drilling rig and large diameter slewing bearing, it meets the need of working stability and easy transportation. 2 Electronically controlled and turbocharged Cummins engine has strong power and meets Euro III emission standard. Euro IV is optional. 3,...

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XR180D Multi-Function Rotary Drilling Rig Technical Parameters Kelly bar/Casing Configuration table Main technical data Drilling depth Type of Kelly bar JS406-4 x 13 Locking Kelly Friction Kelly Crowd Winch H    T Crowd Cylinder H    T Drilling diameter mmPE Crowd Winch ;7g$#>fg|£?Lfli Uncased    <|> 1600mm Max length of casing sections Crowd Winch Without casing oscillator    H-1.1 m WfiHt/l With casing oscillator    H-1,6m iftSlJlPJl Crowd Cylinder 4> 1800mm 4> 1500mm iftSlJlPJl Crowd Cylinder H-0.7m H-1,6m

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£iJ]rI'X}£ Multi-drilling system Transport Parameters Complete machine transportation XR180D/XR180DII/XR180DV XR180D/XR180DII/XR180DV Rotary Drilling Rig XR180DIV DTH Rotary Drilling Rig Disassembly Transportation (This is only for XR180D Drilling Rig For other models as per technical specification) IBS Countweight m=6.9t    1    Rotary Drive m=4.5t XR180DCFA om) XR180D CFA (quick CFA)

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| XRjKSHfif JSffitlli/ Main Technical Parameters of XR—series rotary drilling rig Drilling tools 5RJS*JFn4ft«»4 Double-bottom single-door soil bucket 3RS3RffniH6#»i|-Double-bottom double-door soil bucket Double-bottom double-    Double-bottom single door bucket with cutting teeth door >»"*•*wi,h cut,in8,ee,h Spilt type bucket Double-head single-screw with cutting teeth    auger with cutting teeth Main application:clay, the soil dry into holes Main application: Hard rock, boulder 8*7121800 (mm) Max (killing diameter 1800(mm) g*t£S60(m) Max drilling depth60(m) Split type drill bit Double-head singlescrew...

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Si X IS Construction Picture XR180D Multi-Function Rotary Drilling Rig 1 XR180Dim®£jfrfr¥fiJ-I-lX XR180DIIin Ping Li county,An Kang municipality, Shan XI 2 XR180D-E3EJf$tIfI XR180D in San Ya Fang Jian project Two sets of pneumatic DTH hammer rotating drill XR180DIV Victoria    XR18DCFA—Chang Chun Ciuil project harbour construction in Hong Kong 2 mnXRi8odi Two sets of pneumatic DTH hammer rotating drill XR180DIV Victoria harbour construction in Hong Kong

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