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XCMG excavator XE210C construction - 2 Pages

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XCMG  excavator XE210C construction
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XE210C(U)Hydraulic Excavator The main parameters Description Unit Operation weight Bucket capacity Product Description ► XE210C(U) Hydraulic Excavator is the green caterpillar type of Hydraulic Excavator that Is developed by the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group aiming at the European and American markets. It has met the Euro IV emission standard. In nearly three years, the project team entered the European and American markets to communicate with customers for the product, collected customers’ requirements. Through the feedback of “three guarantees”, expert opinions and nearly one thousand information, the project team analyzed item by item and formulated solutions to make the product keep the “noble” temperament of the Hydraulic Excavator of the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group and to make it become the highly sophisticated product with which the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group enters the European and American high-end market product. ► XE210C(U) Hydraulic Excavator adopts the high-pressure common rail fuel injection system, which can improve the fuel efficiency. At the same time, adopt the oxidation reduction technology, the exhaust gas recirculation technology, etc. to let the nitrogen oxide emission of Tier4f engine lower to 0.4g/kWh from 2.0g/kWh of Tier 4 Interim/Stage IIIB engine, with the decline of 80%. This can effectively reduce the harmful substances into the atmosphere, and meets the Euro IV emission standard. Through adopting the straight-flow air cleaner structure, lower 0.5kpa flow resistance, improve the coarse filter efficiency of more than 15%, improve the service life of the filter element, and reduce the frequency of filter element maintenance and replacement. This machine adopts the new ESS microcomputer power control system with the proprietary intellectual property rights. Make full use of engine characteristics, and achieve the best match of the engine and the oil hydraulic pump in order to improve the working efficiency and reduce the fuel consumption. The hydraulic system adopts the new main control valve. Through expanding the control field of valve element, improving the valve rod and increasing the logical valve, make tender moving and flat ground feature better. The world control ability reaches the world advanced level. It has broken through the operating mode. In addition to traditional H(heavy load),S(standard),L(light load)and B (broken) , users can select A(accessory)mode according to the needs of customers. It is easy for customers to increase the thumb pliers, hydraulic shear and other ancillary tools of excavator and to conduct the flow adjustment of the displayer. ► Through adopting the CAN bus communication design for automobile industry, effectively reduce the electric failure rate of the vehicle. The electrical wiring harnesses and plug connectors have met the requirements of the United States to achieve the local replacement. At the same time, the wiring harnesses adopt the thickened insulating layer in order to prolong the service life of wiring harnesses. ► In the aspect of maintenance, achieve the self-diagnostic function of all electrical interfaces. The diagnostic information is sent to the displayer and a remote monitoring system in real time. Service personnel can read the fault codes easily, and analyze the running data of the machine. It is easy to repair and maintain. The history of fault, maintenance records, working hours and other information can be downloaded in favor of finding the history of the machine used actually. In the daily maintenance, it is easy to access each maintenance point and conduct the daily maintenance on the ground. At the same time, the hinges of working device adopt the self-lubricating bearing, and the maintenance period can reach 500h; the proprietary technology of the Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group can double the maintenance cycle of engine oil, engine oil filter and fuel filter, and the maintenance period can reach 500h to greatly improve the more normal working hours. Engine    _°utPut p°wer Max. torque/speed Displacement Travel speed Slewing speed Gradeability Main Perfromance    Ground pressure Bucket digging force Arm digging force Max. traction Main pump Rated flow Pressure of travel system Pressure of slewing system Pressure of piolt system Volume of fuel tank Oil Volume    Volume of hydraulic oil tak Volume of engine oil tank Overall Dimension    F Total width of chassis J Ground clearance of counterweight Description Unit Specification Max. digging height Max. unloading height Max. digging depth Max. Vertical digging depth Max. digging reach Max. digging reach on the level ground Max. digging depth 2440mm Min. slewing radius Min. slewing radius of the end

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