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XCMG crawler crane QUY80 construction - 10 Pages

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XCMG  crawler crane QUY80 construction
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Catalogue excerpts

Pictures and data in this catalog will change with the update and modification of products, so please take the actual vehicle as reference. E ffiisa igsiatKfSHrreag XCMG,CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD ±fcti:    ( Post Code ) : 221002 Add: No.19 Taoshan Road.Xuznou.Jiangsu Province,China I Sales Tel ) : 0516-87892099    ( Sales Fax ) : 0516-87892015 ( Spare Parts Tel ) : 0516-87892086    jsfwtft ( Spare Parts Fax ) , 0516-87892083 itStfiJ CONTACT

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Fixed Jib Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart -14 Technical Specification/Overall Dimension Jl@ Items SiMAW Engine power    kW 200(QUY80E183) Main Parts Main Unit Rl Sw Hh MM Weight 80t$$ Capacity Hook Block jRl Sw rai H MS Weight 50tffS® Capacity Hook Block jKl_ Capacity Hook Block Rl Sw Sri H US Weight Capacity Hook Block Rl Sw to H MB Weight Superstructure counterweight I Rl Sw Sh MS Weight ±$2 Superstructure counterweight II Rl Sw Sh MS Weight

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Main Par Main Parts ±$3-^i£ Superstructure counterweight III Ew i=i H StM Weight 4.5*H^ilJW/i1? Fixed Jib Butt Kl Ew Bh lift Weight Track Frame 4.5*[H^ilJ^4l|'i]1? Fixed Jib Insert •Kl Ew Bh MB Weight Boom Butt *L Ew i=i H fiS Weight B£ Notes The above part figures are only sketch maps, which are not drawn on actual sizes. The dimensions shown are design values and don’t include package, • MS*)iSvHI, fSTHitiSiS. The weight is design value, may have slight difference due to error in manufacture. ±ff9*1? Boom Insert Kl Ew SH MB Weight 6.5*±ffjrpft Boom top Ew B H I?B Weight

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Detailed Introduction Crane Superstructure $I*¥200kW, SteSfiSftlSOOrpm. «*tt£fifflJE1050N-m. S ii quy8oe: *ffliip«as»fQsc^si. m- Ufa.    ® SE7A#l5ttg.stt$$as*sto »es*&*§jS: ea-m imm e. ssati$gm i#j*    s-$ssts. ffiiaaKffljHtssE, ±*»e«i¥ss m, sn5t#ssjSEtt, **rtt*i*w, mmnmim. St#*,'xm. ttswtft. HiSS, litem, SteTJffi. QUY80A: Engine QUY80: It is a VOLVO original 6-cylinder, water cooled, supercharging intercooled and electric jet TAD722VE engine with rated output power 200kW, rated speed 2100 rpm and maximum output torque 1050N.m. Its emission complies with the Euro II standard QUY80A:...

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ftSHtfrausui, ±Bffs?fflaa«as«H. mtmmmrvtmigtt* Lifting boom comprises main boom and fixed jib, both of which are lattice structure of four tubular chords with intermediate equal section and two end variable section, wherein, main boom chord use imported high strength tube and web rod use domestic high quality tube. Main boom is the lattice structure of intermediate equal section and two end variable section and welded by steel tubes. Boom top and boom foot are reinforced by steel plates for load transfer and boom is equipped with single top, boom length: 13m~58m. Construction: boom butt 6.5m,...

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Boom Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart Boom Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart Boom length Boom length

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Fixed Jib Combinations/Jib Working Condition Fixed Jib Working range ximm (*)Working radius (m) 12 •

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-ixed Jib Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart rixed Jib Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart ±ffKK Boom length (m) ±1137*Boom length 37m ±ff40* Boom length 40m fflfSKK Jib length    g    13.5    i8    9    13.5    18

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m- ^ei4®fEik3riE1SuEW©*SS*S. fftlkBSltt(imwVM •m*- W** fifSft&x JSSSffffl- &£&nvi&t.Iia«) PS$mP¥fEiEStaM &SB; *4>^$sasg@tss^~ mm- fnjfeBmsuMB*; *(|$6B«fcW±££EB»T$±eSftiaBB; nii-yi2awwa>t$em^. B*i$»%nttnjBffBatt££+ti£ti*i (eiss^- $,?k%\m\wujk) TvSi@a7.5t, tt BB+ tt»$iBa*/J^7.5tHtB14BBi&S . Notes on Lifting Load Chart: The total rated lifting loads shown in above tables are the max. lifting capacity based on the conditions that crane set up on firm and level ground with given boom length, radius and load, crane operator shall limit or reduce lifting loads according to variable working conditions...

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