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XCMG crawler crane QUY650 construction - 26 Pages

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XCMG  crawler crane QUY650 construction
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Catalog excerpts

Pictures and data in this catalog will change with the update and modification of products, so please take the actual vehicle as reference. XCMG.CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO..LTD.BUILDING MACHINERY CO. itfctlt: >l£^ffllfittlllS§19-§    MS* ( posi Code I . 221002 Add.- No. 19 Taoshan Road.Xuzhou,Jiangsu Province.China SlSHiS ( Sales Tel ) ; 0516-87892099    0516-87892534    H ( Sales Fax ) ; 0516-87892015 I Service/Spare Parts Fax ) : 0516-87892506 Quality Inquiry Tei) : 0516-87892503

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Technical Specification/Overall Dimension Items

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Main Parts Main Parts Crawler Kl gw ffiM Weight Ballast Slab Kl gw gjH_ Itjfi Weight ±ff6mjK^ff+6rT*t Boom Butt+Winch Section x 1 $#IE«±£ Car-Body Ballast Kl_ ±f12mfi|Sl5 Boom Pendant Section x 1 Kl    12210mm ±ff10.5mg1S|f+tt& Tapered Section +Boom Head x 1

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Main Parts Main Parts 10.5mgSlj3tiS1f Light Boom Extension x 1 •Kl    10720mm %W_3070mm SL Mast Butt Section x 1 •Kl fcWJSW Luffing Jib Butt    x 1 •Kl    4750mm SL Mast winch section xl SL Mast Insert •Kl gw Bh_ Luffing Jib Insert ®W B H fig Weight_ Luffing jib front strut x 1 Kl tfft Weight i5t Notes The above parts dimension is only for illustration, the dimension shown is design value, and does not include the package. • figftiSi+fl. STMiS*#. The weight is design value, may have slight difference due to error in manufacture. Luffing jib rear strut xl

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Brief Introduction Crane Superstructure Counterweight System QUY650 uses VOLVO diesel engine, 6-cylinder in line, water-cooled, turbocharged, inter-cooled and electronic injection, rated output power 494kW, rated speed 1800rpm, emission in compliance with European Construction Machinery Stage II. it features compact structure, small size, light weight, strong power, low fuel consumption, little pollution, reliable work and long service life, can meet various working conditions for crawler cranes. Control System Ballast system consists of turntable ballast, SL ballast and car-body ballast. Turntable...

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Brief Introduction maws Brief Introduction Lifting boom comprises main boom, fixed jib, tower jib and special jib, the structural type is lattice structure of four tubular chords with intermediate equal section and two end variable section; the main boom chord is made of imported high quality tube, and web rod is made of domestic high quality tube, with the ability for improving torsion resistance. Hook Block Standard equipment: 600t capacity hook block, 450t capacity hook block, 150t capacity hook block, lOOt capacity hook block, 50t capacity hook block, 15t capacity hook block. Note: 650t capacity...

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Self Assembly & Disassembly ft&M. Boom Angle Limit t?iSPJi*SASMS^»±. JgHBimSftWS±tto Anemometer at boom head can detect current wind speed and send wind signal to a monitor in operator’s cabin to alert operator for safety. Luffing jib installation illustration

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JDRtfMMWorking Mode Illustration Standard Mode Heavy Boom SL Mode Heavy Boom SL Mode Light Boom ^*SB$*Max. lifting St^ff-KMax. boom length: Standard Mode Fixed Jib    Standard Mode Luffing Jib S^JSffiSMox. lifting capacity: 90t    ®±JBfifiMox. lifting capacity: 224t S^St^fflo-Max. boom combination: 72m+36m    St^B-KSia-Max. boom combination: 60m+72m tt;*:£BItgMax. lifting capacity: 460t St^B-KS-aMax. boom combination: 84m+12m

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Standard Mode Heavy Boom Combinations/Heavy Boom Standard Mode Heavy Boom Working Area

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Standard Mode Heavy Boom Lifting Load Chart Standard Mode Light Boom Combinations/Light Boom

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Standard Mode Light Boom Working Area Standard Mode Light Boom Lifting Load Chart 200t$$^^tjB+60t$j|5|2|l7H 200t turntable ballast + 60t car-body ballast gg Radius (m)

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ximm mWorking radius (m) * 21

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Standard Mode Heavy Boom + Fixed Jib Lifting Load Chart H0AE§!J1ili30o[# Fixed Jib angle at 30‘ 200t$^^^-i:|iM+60t$^^f|ffi 200t turntable ballast+60t car-body ballast 110 I-ftitSJt (*) Working radius (m) ♦ 23

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+SxEiijff g^i Standard Mode Heavy Boom + Fixed Jib Lifting Load Chart Standard Mode Tower Jib Combinations/Tower Jib

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200t$$    200t turntable ballast + 60t car-body ballast ±SfKg Boom length (m) ±ff30* Boom length 30m 5 di JH * Lifting height (m) Tower Jib length 24    30    36    42    48    54

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Boom length Boom length 30m iSSKK ±^60* Boom length 60m 30    36    42    48    54 46S Radius (m) Boom length (m) Tower Jib length 24 (m)

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Standard Mode Tower Jib Lifting Load Chart SL Mode Heavy Boom Boom length Boom length 60m isef-KS Tower Jib length    60    66    72

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SL Mode Light Boom SL Mode Light Boom Working Area

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SL Mode Tower Jib Working Area SL Mode Tower Jib Lifting Load Chart ±s-ks Boom length (m)    Boom length 84m

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Boom length (m) Tower Jib length (m) ±ff36* Boom length 36m 96 BS Radius (m)

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SL Mode Special Jib Combinations/Special Jib SL Mode Special Jib Working Area Boom length (*) Working radius(m)

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±ilJW^^2O°0t Special Jib angle at 20° Lifting height (m) Boom length (m) Special jib length (m)

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Notes on Lifting Load Chart: • The total rated lifting loads shown in above tables are the max. lifting capacity based on the condition that crane set up on firm and level ground with given boom length, radius and load, crane operator shall limit or reduce lifting loads according to variable working conditions (soft or uneven ground, wind, side loading, slewing action, lifting with one more cranes). # The total rated lifting loads include the weight of hook block, wire rope and other slings. # The blank area in above tables means crane operation is not allowed corresponding to these areas. 0 The...

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Address Name: Address: Tel: Handy phone: Name: Address: Tel: Handy phone:

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