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XCMG crawler crane QUY55 construction - 8 Pages

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XCMG  crawler crane QUY55 construction
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Catalogue excerpts

]x/iv \SMZWM/mV L Overall Dimensions/ Technical Specifications iS KE Boom length    | m |    13- 52 ±BS«fcE Boom elevating angle ELSSISKE Fixed jib length JSJMflftfiXSlHiSiBE (SS- SE5S) Winch mechanism max. single line speed (no load, at 5th layer) I m/min I 121 ir?SltS+,lU5SXgifi63E (S; E) Boom elevating mechanism max. single line speed (at 1st layer) Max rope single line pull Main Parts Main Unit ZXZX ZZXZaZX SSWeight 55t Hook block    x 1 Counterweight tray 3m Boom Insert    xl

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Main Parts tf.K*ffi±*SC8D170.2G2Bl, jS5iJ. ETfi®, fflffi- *#*3*1; I® SgIjj$125kW, ffiS$SM?5l800rpm, ®X»ai}a*g730N.m. ®jjnxfsm«ss - Btsstst#*. #e«h a □ » a m. 5jaK±*SC8DK2l5Q3, Alia?]. BSTtl-    %«7t Fixed Jib Insert IWVIVV ■KL as^Ss teas-SHHIRSCHMANNa^«|^g?f)*®PBaS, SJSffltB- £f¥S^it ♦a,    teas-^sssa acAN&««*»fT»ffiam, sasrsttK.    sets iSmflttgifflSH.    WWifnttill'a*. (egxiSTT BliSJK £«- fi£) , © »a5»sitESas^asEa.    ±s § *«tif* i omi/r&Mts&stStt, ©Sis^ttS, it, aa^ainaMi»si§iates']s®s^ffe»sffl. B/j Notes The above part figures are only sketch maps, The dimensions shown are design values and...

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Detailed Introduction Detailed Introduction isafi3S»s$tt». $sa*«*± ststaft- *a#i. a?*. tiff. *i§i»«EiafT«Js. Operator's cabin is steel frame structure combined with glass fibre reinforced plastic structure. Its front windshield is provided with overall sandwich glass, other glass is all hardened glass. Equipped with adjustable seat, a set of ergonomic designed instruments and control devices, air-conditioner (selected), CD player, fire extinguisher and so on. the cabin is comfortable. Turntable is a mixed structure of box type and single web plate, with good overall stability. Turntable is a key...

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xtmsmDiagram for Working Range Emergency stop switch This switch can stop the power output of the whole machine in an emergency situation to ensure crane’s safety. Audio/Video Warning When crawler crane is moving and slewing, there is light and sound for warning. LMI Tricolor Warning Lamp SHJtSfefflit, feKffi90%«Ta} “«T” %, S^SeatilffiS^EiSil fT, fett£90%-l00%&t)fttjt "*«” «, *^jeB#U£BSiE«S#*?e m, ft«sioo%ia±Ht ■aw «,    afe&E«, S®-¥-SE*gaiWKi3Mmip))S;teMJJlS)gff= The lamp comprises 3 colors, when crane loading is below 90% of total rated lifting load, "Green Lamp" lights on to indicate that crane...

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iIf I5ESI&iRfBoom Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart«E(m) 3.7

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Fixed Jib Combinations/Jib Working Condition Fixed Jib Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart

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S+AffilBn.    IfWS*fcttT.(JnttWMWc^ m*k flffft*    $g®s:#wmjs«) n«Mmfiai«iA&u;S*ieM*ife±ESWfiS*; £mK**Wtt4ilHfc*ltt' sts&fnSHEfia:*; Ba*$5Mfe#usw**s*s    t, &m m* wi®£saaa^5tBifst±sg*jaffi. JT'±I;S)S: -20~40°C« XftMil: <9.8m/s(5M). MSCs ^S^TPS. Notes on Lifting Load Chart: The total rated lifting loads shown in above tables are the max. lifting capacity based on the conditions that crane set up on firm and level ground with given boom length, radius and load, crane operator shall limit or reduce lifting loads according to variable working conditions (soft or uneven ground, wind, side load, slewing...

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Pictures and data in this catalog will change with the update and modification of products, so please take the actual vehicle as reference. s in*® XCMG,CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD. ttkil:    ( Post Code) : 221002 Add; No.19 Taoshan Road,Xuzhou,Jiangsu Province.China ( Sales Tel) : 0516-87892099    ( Sales Fax ) : 0516-87892015 ( Spare Parts Tel) : 0516-87892511    Sltff S ( Spare Parts Fax ) : 0516-87892510 QUY55 CRAWLER CRANE XCMG,CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD.

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