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XCMG crawler crane QUY100 construction - 10 Pages

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XCMG  crawler crane QUY100 construction
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Catalogue excerpts

QUYIOOMtfSBHJI QUY100 CRAWLER CRANE Pictures and data in this catalog will change with the update and modification of products, so please take the actual vehicle as reference. XCMG,CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO. LTD.BUILDING MACHINERY CO. itfeijh: >I^*&ffl7t5ttlilSSl9-§    filial Post Code) : 221002 Add; No. 19 Taoshan Road.Xuzhou.Jiangsu Province.China ( Sales Tel ) : 0516-87892099 0516-87892534 SSftS ( Sales Fax ) : 0516-87892015 HBWfcttfeS ( Service/Spare Parts Tel) : 0516-87892088 0516-87892510 ( Service/Spare Parts Fax ) : 0516-87892506 ( Quality Inquiry Tel) : 0516-87892503 QUY100 CRAWLER CRANE XCMG,CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY CO.,LTD.BUILDING MACHINERY CO.

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Fixed Jib Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart--15 Technical Specification/Overall Dimension I® @ Items Main Parts ±«l Main Unit KL_ sw BH 3* “ Weight 65tfj3$ Capacity Hook Block KL jsw B H ipS Weight 30tS$ Capacity Hook Block kl_ lltsft Capacity Hook Block kl_ BH_

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Main Par ±$2^-lE* Superstructure Weight counterbalance ll x 1 tfeL Sw BH S* Weight Superstructure Weight counterbalance ±$4^|E* Superstructure Weight counterbalance IV KL %W SH ffiM Weight JB$£ Track Frame *L_ Boom Butt ±ff3*T?A 3m Boom Insert A KL %w_

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Main Parts Crane Superstructure ffig Weight Extension KL gw SH S* Weight W Notes The above parts dimension is only for illustration, the dimension shown is design value, and does not include the package, • aaftsi+ft. The weight is design value, may have slight difference due to error in manufacture. ISuperstructure Counterweight I: 10.5t, Islab Superstructure Counterweight II: 10.8t, 1 slab Superstructure Counterweight III: 9.8t, 1 slab Superstructure Counterweight IV: 9.5t, 1 slab

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mmmDetailed Introduction sans

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Boom Combinations/Boom Working Condition ttttttihSI

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Boom Working Area iff zMmfimBoom Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart 10

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Boom Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart

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SSSJftmkJBH -ixed Jib Working range Fixed Jib Working Condition and Lifting Load Chart Boom length (m) BWKK Jib length (m) mis Radius (m) 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 26 28 30 32 34 36 38 40 42 44 46 48 50 52 54 56 58

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°om lengthi    Boom length 54 (m)    Boom length 60(m) s+ssseas, IISi&SWMS-KS.    attithSti, SiSS. ¥il sseMta^^esiKMaEKtsefitaweM; tsMa. sueew ssftwa*; *4as5']tbssffiwsaE, ^Ai!F»taattffl;FiSEWjttfiWEaff!ii'; ntstwsftMas; fiSSMSt6mWM®*taaa (fetssa.    T^MaiOt, Notes on Lifting Load Chart: The total rated lifting loads shown in above tables are the max. lifting capacity based on the conditions that crane set up on firm and level ground with given boom length, radius and load, crane operator shall limit or reduce lifting loads according to variable working conditions (soft or uneven ground, wind,...

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