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All terrain crane series - 2 Pages

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All terrain crane series
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QAY SERIES FULL HYORAULIG TRUCK GRANE * New compact boom Head and t»UH-« altdeTt oitffi'ga Kuxwtirg area a*fl ov^u^ng itngtfi ♦ N» type ovitoim Doom pronie.ortv one cyl4Aftar lot Doom eecliona automate l*fe«co&tng+0'flQi«ni boom toitflfr COT be ?eaiU«d &y mut»fy eombtnebo" * PLC cornpul* ir4*o/*tod con&ol tyntom hco^nortlenafiue *oh iirtfrthyenL* ««d *ale*r * Powerful ana durable conaimcnc^ machnery eram* I Yana&e tfiapfacemert pump coal energy and reftabto * Eiflonomica^ o^ai^s*rtrai«*d lu&ticaiiori oporatpr acabtited fcaofcward8.-<>. * Al terrain crancft camer.hfch efficiency Oo)ck wiCeaav fof 10D Iranafef and poahioiitig • Vano^comb^hona^GCUttier^otgl^eaay aeeamtrfy XU2HOU CONSTRUCTION MACHINERY GROUP IMP &EXP CO.,LTD AddXCMG Headquarters Xuzhou Economic Development ZonetJiang$u\Chma 221004 Tel European & American Dept. +86-516-87739238 MIcMte E*at Dept+86-516-87739252 As|M Dopt. +86-516-87739234 c*ntoiA*ian Otpt +86-516-87739239 American & Oceania Dept +86-516-87739237 Amcan OapL +86-516-87739222 E-mail Please contact with our district agent:_ ValciiJb and specificolions arc; subject 10 change wtlhoof nolicc. ALL-TERRAIN CRANE SERIES SYSTEMIC OPTIMA TION & UPGRADE

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