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Marine Catalog - 28 Pages

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Marine Catalog
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Catalog excerpts

Inverters Inverter/Chargers Battery Chargers System Accessories >

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Product Selectors Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers 2 Modified Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers 6 Sine Wave Inverters 8 Modified Sine Wave Inverters 10 Portable Power 12 Battery Chargers 13 Battery Management Accessories 16 Reference Inverter & Charger Fundamentals 18 Frequently Asked Questions 19 Marine Electrical Diagrams 20 Inverter Sizing Worksheet 21 Product Specifications 22 About Xantrex Back Cover > Image Courtesy of Beneteau Models Output Continuous Charger Remote More Waveform* Watts Output Panel Info MS2000 SW 2000 100 A Optional (LCD) pg. 2, Inside CoverMS3000 SW 3000 150 A Optional (LCD) pg....

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Models Output Max.Cont. Portable or Remote More Waveform* Watts Hardwire? Panel Info > Powerful sine wave inverters designed for marine electrical systems that already have a battery charger. Includes a detach- able LCD remote panel.1000 SW 1000 Hardwire Included pg. 8, 23 (LCD) 1800 SW 1800 Hardwire Included pg. 8, 23 (Digital) > A moderate power sine wave inverter designed to power onboard entertainment systems. Features dual AC outlets and AC hardwire connections and a 6A transfer switch.XS400 SW 400 Hardwire Included pg. 9 (on/off only) *SW = Sine Wave; MSW = Modified Sine Wave > Economical...

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Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers enhancements . MS Series Inverter/Chargers are simply the most advanced and easy to use inverters on the market today. Premium true sine wave output and a high surge capacity, powers onboard appliances and electronic devices including gallery appliances, home theatre components, microwaves, power tools, cell phones and PDA chargers. A power factor corrected three-stage charger provides long battery life by recharging batteries quickly, while using less AC power. The rugged UL458 Marine design delivers reliable power in demanding marine conditions. An aluminum chassis,...

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System Accessories The System Control Panel (SCP) features a graphical, backlit LCD screen that displays system configuration and diagnostic informa- tion in one central location. Large keypad buttons, an intuitive onscreen menu system, and plain text status messages make it easy to configure and operate. By providing basic controls for other devices connected to the network, the SCP reduces the complexity of separate control panels for each device. The SCP is Xanbus Enabled and easily connects to MS Inverter/Chargers and other devices with off-the-shelf network cables, making installation quick...

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Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers CSA/NRTL certified to UL and CSA standards 2000 watts of true sine wave output with 4500 watt surge capability Independent inverter and charger on/off controls 100A multi-stage charger power factor corrected for superior charging Push button control of power sharing, equalizing, and battery set-up Built-in 30A transfer switch automati- cally transfers between inverter power and incoming AC power Easy to read backlit digital display Single at-a-glance display of AC and DC system information Power sharing helps prevents tripping of shorepower breaker Text message fault...

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Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers 4000 watt sine wave inverters (8000 watt surge capability) Series stacking capability for 120/240 VAC operation (optional cable is required) Multi-stage battery charger for increased charge accuracy Soft starting capability for starting heavy loads Built-in 60A transfer switch automat- ically transfers between inverter power and incoming AC power Power sharing option prevents tripping of shorepower breaker Programmable generator start, stop and quiet times Dual AC source inputs - shorepower and generator Includes battery temperature sensor The SW 4024MC2 is a powerful...

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Modified Sine Wave Inverter/Chargers Modified sine wave AC power inverter with high surge capability Multiple battery bank charging from the built in 15A echo charge Automatic 3-stage battery charger Power sharing prevents source AC input circuit breaker from tripping Temperature compensation with equaliza- tion stage provides optimal charging of deep cycle batteries Aluminum chassis ideal for marine environment Built-in 30A transfer switch automatically switches between inverter power and incoming AC power Includes battery temperature sensor An economical modified sine wave power solution with...

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System Accessories Image Courtesy of Beneteau Freedom Marine Inverter/Charger remote control Freedom Marine Inverter/Charger remote control and single bank battery monitor for 12 or 24 volt systems Freedom Marine Inverter/Charger remote control and dual bank battery monitor for 12 or 24 volt systems Independent invert and charge on/off controls Battery bank state-of-charge data is displayed like a fuel gauge for your batteries Includes all features of the Link 1000, plus the ability to monitor and display the state-of-charge of a second battery bank Push button control of power sharing, equalizing,...

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Sine Wave Inverters Offering quality true sine wave output, Prosine Inverters are ideally suited for electrical systems that already have a quality multi-stage battery charger. No other inverter deliv- ers electricity in such a light package this easy to install. Prosine Inverters include a backlit LCD display panel, which can be mounted remotely. > CSA/NRTL certified to UL and CSA standards 1000 & 1800 watt inverters (1500 and 2900 watt surge capability) Short circuit and AC backfeed protection Removable LCD display can be mounted remotely for control and monitoring requires remote interface...

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Sine Wave Inverters The XS400 Sine Wave Inverter is designed specifically to power entertainment systems onboard your boat. Its clean, sine wave output minimizes noise and distortion on TVs, VCRs, DVDs and stereos. The XS400 supplies up to 400 watts of continuous power, and with a surge rating of 800 watts, it can power complete entertainment systems. The inverter comes standard with a remote on/off switch, dual AC outlets and AC hardwire connections that increase installation options and safety. > CSA/NRTL certified to UL and CSA standards 400 watt sine wave inverter (800 watt surge capability)...

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