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X-97 - 8 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

BEVELS FOR HIGH QUALITY WELDS Meeting requirements The groundwork for high-quality welded joints is carried out at the preparation stage - when the edges of the workpieces are beveled. It is important that the bevel is uniform along the full length of the edges to be welded and this is particularly important when using automatic welding where the volume of the weld is constant. Another important factor is that the beveling must not cause deformation of the pieces to be welded. If they are bent or buckled, it becomes difficult to keep the gap width constant along the whole length of the joint. A...

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HIGH PERFORMANCE WELDS Capacity The X-97 beveling machine functions basically in the same way as roller shears, but using only one cutter. The workpiece is fed automatically through the machine. The method can be used for X, V, Y and K-form joints. The angle of bevel is infinitely variable from 25° to 55°. The angle can be read easily on a graduated scale and can be set with a high degree of accuracy. The capacity of the machine covers following: A: 25 mm bevel in normal mild steel with a tensile strength of 390 N/mm². B: 13 mm bevel in a material with a tensile strength of 690 N/mm². The speed...

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Choose the type of cutter to suit your type of work The standard serrated cutter can be used for most jobs, but the machine can be fitted with coarse serrated or fine serrated cutters as required. Coarser teeth are used for larger bevel widths in heavy material and fine teeth are intended for use in lighter work with smaller bevel widths up to 15 mm. Cutters are made from hardened alloy tool steel. High performance bevel 1. Maximum bevel is 25 mm and is possible to achieve in plate with a tensile strength of 390 N/mm². 2. Maximum tensile strength to be beveled is 690 N/mm² and gives a bevel of...

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The X-97 machine adapts itself to the workpiece The position of the machine can be adjusted to suit the shape, size and weight of the workpiece. It can stand in a stationary position, or it can be suspended for movement either in ordinary position or upside-down. If the machine is suspended, it can be made to move itself along the workpiece, instead of feeding the workpiece through the machine. Guide for beveling narrow steel strips When narrow steel strips and flat bars, or similar material is to be beveled, there is sometimes a tendency for the width of the bevel to increase towards the end....

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SPECIFICATIONS Technical data *) In case of very large plates, capacity may be limited by practical scope for handling and feeding material into the machine. We reserve the right to make alterations to the above specifications without notice.

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X-Machines Backa Bergogata 11 422 46 Hisingsbacka Sweden

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