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Twin Disc Polymeric Insulator - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

This vandal resistant insulator is designed specifically to directly replace two ceramic cap and pin insulators to drawing 121/003/002 and 121/833/001 for use only in horizontal, in-line configurations.This insulator can also be used toreplace one cap and pin insulatorwhere coupling length can be exceededMoulded on to high strength GRP rods,these insulators utilise Henleys uniqueEPDM dielectric cladding. This highly successful cladding has been proven around the world from deserts to arctic environments for more than 30 years. The material has outstanding pollutionand weathering performance which,coupled with its non-flammability, also makes it ideal for tunnels and stationswhere natural rain-washing is not possible.These insulators have 16mm spungalvanised (to BS EN ISO 1461), cast SG iron ball and socket end-fittings (to BS3288 and IEC publication 120). They are supplied with phosphor bronzesecurity clips to IEC publication 372.This insulator is also available withtongue and clevis end fittings to IEC471.The weight of this unit, which isapprox.1.6kgs contrasts with the porcelain equivalent at 11kgs, (for two porcelain discs) which makes handlingand installation much easier. ҕ > Network Rail ApprovalNumber PA05/656T > Network Rail StandardRT/E/S/21082ՕDirect replacement for 2off cap and pin insulatorsUnique Henley EPDMCladdingՕVandal resistant and lowprofile.Very light weight (approx.1.6kgs)ՕCan be supplied with ball- socket or clevis - tongue end fittings. > A subsidiary of TT electronics plc

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