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Standoff Insulators - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

WT Henley Ltds range of polymeric standoff insulators have been specified by many worldwide utilities and have been used by virtually all the UK based Regional Electricity Distribution Companies. Our unique HenleyҒs polymeric standoff insulators have been primarily designed to be used in conjunction with modern MV cable pole terminations. The insulators can be purchased as individual units, in sets or in kit form supplied with the appropriate termination and if required with a support bracket. Each insulator is supplied with M12 studs at either end together with necessary nuts and washers. Stainless or galvanissteel options availed able One piece lightweight construction. Unique EPDM cladding with over 25 years of service history. Superb impact performance. M12 studded end fittings. High pollution resistance. Excellent VU stability. > cladding has more than 25 years of successful field experience, having been exposed to global environmental conditions from the deserts in the Middle East to the iced expanses of Canada. Now also available with Homogenous cladding material Outstanding anti-vandal capabilities. SILICONE cladding. High cantilever strength. Low profile. Cladding / GRP bond tested. > A subsidiary of TT electronics plc

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24kV 56141-08 15kV ֖ 56141-10 33kV 56141-09 36kV ֖ 56141-12 Product Code. System Voltage. Ordering unit. Weight (kg). Fixing Height (mm) M12 Ending Fitting Length (mm) Shed Diameter (mm) Specification Creepage (mm). 465 615 845 1160 IEC 815. Taut String (mm). 179 240 375 400 Impulse Flashover (Dry) kVp. 130 160 236 234 Impulse Withstand (Dry) kVp. 125 150 220 222 IEC 383:1983. AC 1min Flashover (Dry) kV. 95 170 165 BS 137 : 1982. AC 1min Withstand (Dry) kV. 85 160 158 AC 1min Flashover (Wet) kV. 65 80 120 134 AC 1min Withstand (Wet) kV. 55 70 108 115 Cantilever Deflection at 1kN load (mm). 18...

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