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Polyurethane Resin Compound - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Famous for our Compounds,WTHenley has designed and manufactures a range of Polyurethaneresin compounds, primarily intended asa filling medium for cable joints boxesand terminations. However, they areequally suited to any applications requiring water-tightness or mechanicalprotection and will adhere to paper or polymeric cables as well as copper andbrass surfaces.Our Compounds are simple to use andfull mixing instructions are supplied with each kit.All the necessary components aresupplied with each kit, whether you choose our two-part or three-part mix.Sizes range from 0.35L up to 12.0L. Simple and safe mixing of the hardenerand base resin all takes place within atwin compartment foil pouch, which has a ruptureable membrane between the 2 halves. Final mixing of our three-part mix takes place in a bucket or an optional mixing bag. > Our three-part version is our most cost-effective material, whilst the two-part compound has a lowerviscosity, is designed with minimalpackaging in mind and is ideally suitedwhere quick jointing is required.Domestic and Export grades areavailable. > A subsidiary of TT electronics plc

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ValueTwo-partThree-part ResinFilled PolyolFilled Polyol HardenerPolymeric IsocyanatePolymeric Isocyanate Secondary fillerN/AHigh purity silica sandShelf Life: Domestic Grades12 months12 months Export Grades24 months24 months Exotherm40C rise from 20аC30C rise from 20аC Shrinkage on curing<4%<2% Volume resistivity10 > 14 cm10 > 14 cm Power Factor0.50.22 Dielectric strength45kV/mm13kV/mm Thermal conductivity0.25W/mK0.6W/mK Co-efficient of thermal expansion4.8 x 10 > -4 /C6 x 10 > -4 /C Relative density1.531.6-1.8 Continuous operating temperature90C90аC Impact strength (Charpy)24kj/m > 2 10kj/m >...

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