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Polymeric Overhead Line Insulators Medium Voltage up to 45kV - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Composite Overhead Line Equipment Medium Voltage up to 45kV > WT Henley was quick to identify thebenefits of using composite polymertechnology to replace traditionalmaterials such as ceramic for insulators. We developed a unique cladding material formulation, which has been inservice now for over 30years for avariety of applications including switchgear and surge arrestors as wellas tension and post insulators forelectricity distribution andrailway use.WT Henley offers a wide range ofstandard BS 3288 end fittings (as well as tailored designs to suit individual customer requirements) and our twinand triple disc tension sets are designed to directly replace existing glass or porcelain sets (BS 140mm spacing)without the need to re-tension theoverhead line.The range consists of:70kN Tension insulatorsՕPost insulatorsRailway insulators ՕStand off insulatorsInsulators for OEMs ՕLightweight constructionImpact resistant ՕDirect replacement forglass and porcelain (BS140mm spacing)Unique cladding materialwith over 30 year service history ՕHigh pollution resistance A range of End Fittingsavailable (BS3288 and other) Photographs courtesy of Central Newtorks A subsidiary of TT electronics plc WT Henley Limited >

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General Note The equipment detailed in this publication should be installed by a suitably qualified person.WT Henley Limited reserves the right to make changes in product specification without notice or liability. All information is subject to WT Henleys own data and is considered accurate at time of going to print.ҩ 2002 WT Henley Limited. All rights reserved. No part of this document may be copied or reproduced in whole or in part without prior written approval of WT Henley Limited. A subsidiary of TT electronics plc 39327 06.07 >

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