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Mark 3 Polymeric Insulators - 4 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Typical tension insulator data 5611)mm( EGAPEERC 004 )mm( GNIRTS TUAT 033 ev- /532 ev+ )pVk( )YRD( REVOHSALF ESLUPMI 222 )pVk( )YRD( DNATSHTIW ESLUPMI 361 )Vk( )YRD( REVOHSALF .nim I CA 451 )Vk( )YRD( DNATSHTIW .nim I CA 531 )Vk( )TEW( .TREV REVOHSALF .nim I CA 021 )Vk( )TEW( .TREV DNATSHTIW .nim I CA 041 )Vk( )TEW( 54 REVOHSALF .nim I CA 521 )Vk( )TEW( 54 DNATSHTIW .nim I CA 051 )Vk( )TEW( .ROH REVOHSALF .nim I CA631)Vk( )TEW( .ROH DNATSHTIW .nim I CA > Nk001 )LMS( daoL lacinahceM deificepS Nk05 daoL tseT elisneT enituoR Nk07 > daoL gniliaF noisserpmoCmN004 > daoL gniliaF lanoisroT > 731SB/383...

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Typical cantilever insulator data 6111)mm( EGAPEERC 563 )mm( GNIRTS TUAT 182ev- /542 ev+ )pVk( )YRD( REVOHSALF ESLUPMI 532 )pVk( )YRD( DNATSHTIW ESLUPMI 751 )Vk( )YRD( REVOHSALF .nim I CA 741 )Vk( )YRD( DNATSHTIW .nim I CA 511 )Vk( )TEW( .TREV REVOHSALF .nim I CA 301 )Vk( )TEW( .TREV DNATSHTIW .nim I CA 031 )Vk( )TEW( 54 REVOHSALF .nim I CA 011 )Vk( )TEW( 54 DNATSHTIW .nim I CA 421 )Vk( )TEW( .ROH REVOHSALF .nim I CA411)Vk( )TEW( .ROH DNATSHTIW .nim I CA > Deflection at Max Permissible working Load (941Nm) 8mm Nk001)LMS( daoL lacinahceM deificepS Nk0.21 daoL gniliaF revelitnaC Nk07 > daoL gniliaF...

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