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Mark 1 Insulators - 2 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Designed to replace porcelain portalinsulators above and below the gantry,these insulators take some of the highestloads of any insulators in railway service. They can also be used for independent registration where higher mechanicalloads are being specified e.g. in tunnelapplications where large support tubes require small deflection characteristics.Specifically designed to meet therequirements of a maximum workingload of 2.713kNm (528kg), insulators in this range have less than 7mm of deflection at this maximum load and have the lowest bending moment of anycompatible insulator on the railway.Malleable iron end fittings (or aluminiumby request) are fully compatible with existing imperial flanges. High tensile bolts with all-metal self locking nuts andwashers are supplied as applicable.Lightweight (e.g. A686:17kg) and a lowprofile means that they are easy to handle and visually less obtrusive than their porcelain predecessors.Moulded onto high strength GRP rods,these insulators utilise Henleys unique EPDM dielectric cladding. This highly successful cladding has been proven around the world from deserts to arcticenvironments for more than 30 years.The material has outstanding pollution and weathering performance which, coupled with its non-flammability, also makes it ideal for tunnels and stationswhere natural rain-washing is notpossible. ҕNetwork Rail ApprovalNumber PA05/1245TNetwork Rail StandardRT/E/S/21082ՕDirect replacement forporcelain: hollow or solidcoresLess than 7mm deflection atmaximum working loading of528kg ՕUnique Henley EPDMcladdingmaterialLowest profile of anycantilever insulator in its classՕSupplied with malleable ironend fittings (aluminium on request)Light weight (17kg withmalleable iron end fittings) > A subsidiary of TT electronics plc

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