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ActiveFactory - 8 Pages

Wonderware Data Analysis and Reporting Clients
delivering decision-making information to groups tasked with plant-wide initiatives such as lean manufacturing, Six Sigma or other productivity improvement programs.
Wonderware offers two types of Data Analysis ond Reporting Clients with AcliveFactory Desktop trend and analysis and Wonderware's Information Server Web-based clients. These enable manufacturers to build the comprehensive production and performance management system needed to drive a plant to the next level of productivity and operational excellence.
AcliveFactory software is designed to provide a rich, desktop-based analysis and reporting experience. It is typically used by an engineer or advanced user charged with preparing reports for other users. It features ad hoc analysis capabilities with no restrictions on the furicrtiо:>5 available and full resolution of process data.
Wonderware Information Server Web clients are designed for the more casual user who relies on a Web browser to access real-time dashboards, pre-designed reports of plant aovitie? as wel as the occasional requirement for ad hoc analysis.
Wonderware data analysis and reporting clients put actionable information into the hands of the people most responsible for plant performance: operators, engineers and operations managers.
Wonderware data analysis and reporting clients deliver information from the primary information flows found in any manufacturing or industrial operations environment: production management information from your business systems to the plant floor ond performance management information From your assets and activities to your
Data analysis and reporting clients from Wonderware con deliver production and performance information easily to all groups within your organization such as operations, maintenance, engineering, planning, quality, purchasing and receiving. These clients are ideal for
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    of Wonderware-generated content, including process graphics, trends and reports, is made available on a single Web site. This makes it easier for users...
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    Engage the Entire Organization in Process Improvement through Improved Process and Manufacturing Visibility To be most effective, plant managers need...
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    Equipment Operations Module reporting including: • Production events and formula reporting (usage & set-points) • Material...
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    ACTIVEFACTORY SOFTWARE -DATA ANALYSIS AND REPORTING VliveFaclory software delivers real-time and Historical data trend analysis, sophisticated...
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    Create More Informative Production Reports with Less Effort Using Powerful Data Retrieval Modes The use of regular production reports is still an important...
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