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Sales and Marketing Center: Wieland Electric GmbH Benzstraße 9 D-96052 Bamberg, Germany Phone +49 9 51 93 24-0 Fax +49 9 51 93 24-198 Technical Support: Phone +49 9 51 93 24-999 Fax +49 9 51 93 26-991 safety Headquarters: Wieland Electric GmbH Brennerstraße 10 – 14 D-96052 Bamberg,Germany Solutions for the control cabinet • DIN rail terminal blocks – Screw, tension spring or push in connection technology – Wire cross sections up to 240 mm2 – Numerous special functions – Software solutions interfacing to CAE systems • Safety – Safe signal aquisition – Safety switching devices – Modular safety modules – Compact safety controllers – Applicative consultancy and training • Network engineering and eldbus systems – Remote maintenance via VPN industrial router and VPN-Service portal – Industrial Ethernet switches – PLC and I/O-Systems, standard and increased environmental conditions • Interface – Power supply units – Overvoltage protection – Coupling relays, semiconductor switches – Timer relays, measuring and monitoring relays – Analog coupling and converter modules – Passive interfaces Solutions for eld applications • Remote installation and automation technology – Electrical installation for wind tower – Fieldbus interfaces and motor starters • Connectors for industrial applications – Rectangular and round connectors – Aluminum or plastic housings – Degree of protection up to IP 68 – Current-carrying capacity up to 100 A – Connectors for hazardous areas – Modular, application specic technology PC board terminals and connectors – Screw or spring clamp connection technology – Spacings: 3.5 mm to 10.16 mm – Reow or wave soldering process safety Industrial technology Building and installation technology • Building installation systems – Main power supply connectors IP 20/IP 65 ... IP 68 – Bus connectors – Low-voltage connectors – Power distribution system with at cables – Distribution systems – Bus systems in KNX, LON and radio technology – DIN rail terminal blocks for electrical installations – Overvoltage protection Safe System Solutions for Automation Technology Catalog 2012 0860.1 E 02/12 Safety rst

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Marketing Center ▲ Wieland Headquarters in A STOCKO headquarters ACTIVE WORLDWIDE With its staff of almost 2,200 employees, the Wieland Group is at home on all continents Subsidiaries in Great Britain, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Canada, the USA, China and Denmark speak for themselves. With a great number of representatives, Wieland Holding is active in almost all strategically important countries. Just a medium-size global player with a clear commitment to the German location where most of the products are still The philosophy of the Wieland Group with its headquarters in Bamberg can be...

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Ser/es 4000, santos®, santos® PRO pod'is , the solution-oriented system for remote power distribution, and ricosjp, the latest development in the field of automation systems for heavy duty industrial requirements, are only In the building installation system sector, Wieland Electric, with its gesis® system, is the world market leader in pluggable electrical installation. With good reason do planners and architects of the tallest and most interesting construction projects worldwide, such as the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, rely on gesis® components from Wieland. Wieland is the pioneer on...

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Safe system solution for automation technology 4

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Overview safety technology 10 sensorpm - Safe signal acquisition 12 Series SN H - Emergency stop button 14 ^ J. ^ ^ J. ^ Series SIN - Safety switch with guard locking 20 U II It/ II lb Series SMS - Safety switch with separate actuator 24 Series SMA - Magnetic safety switch 28 SMI 1001 - Magnetic switch interface 32 S4000 - Universal safety relays 34 SNV 4063KL - Basic Device with time function 60 SNV 4063KP - Basic Device with time function 62 SNV 4074SL/SNV 4076SL - Basic Device with time function 64 SNV 4274 SL/SNV 4074ST - Basic Device with time function 66 SNE 4003K - Contact Expansion...

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safety safety Safety is a matter of trust Today‘s demands on systems and machines are high. In addition to the productivity and efficiency of a machine, safety is becoming increasingly important. When modern systems and machines are designed, the safety of the people who will later operate these machines must also be considered. In demand are reliable and innovative solutions which can help meet this important requirement without compromising productivity and availability of the system. With the technical safety components sensor PRO, S4000, samos® and samos® PRO Wieland Electric offers...

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Carefully conceived solutions Solutions for machine safety must be designed for all phases of a machine's lifecycle - in other words, flexible adaptability to specific requirements is the key word. From the design of a system to its commissioning to its maintenance, safety technology from Wieland Electric offers the user important advantages. Wieland's safety technology saves costs for purchase, operation and later disposal, saves assembly and removal time, saves space in the control cabinet and saves resources during manufacturing - Wieland saves on everything but safety.

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Save - but play it safe Tested technology Of course, Wieland Electric offers only thoroughly tested and certified safety technology (i.e., all technical safety products have been approved by recognized testing institutes and meet current systems also require innovative safety solutions. Convincing advantages: • Connection of a wide variety of sensors such as safety end switches, magnetic safety switches, emergency stop buttons, safe inductive sensors and safety light curtains with • Universal usability due to varying power

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