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Safety products

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safety Safety products Safety for all applications Guiding you to safety

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Fit for safety with Wieland Safety Technology from A to Z Wieland supports and advises you - from the planning stage right through to start-up - throughout the entire life cycle of a machine or production system. The broad portfolio of safety switching devices covers all important safety functions and fulfills even complex cus- tomer requirements. Certified Technology It goes without saying that Wieland Electric only supplies tested and certified safety devices, i.e. all safety-related products are approved by recognized testing institutes and fulfill the current came into effect as of...

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safety Overview of safety technology From the safety sensors sensor  pro to the safety relay family S  4000 and the modular safety modules samos® to the safety Safe signal acquisition sensor pro controllers samos®pro, Wieland Electric offers the right product for your needs. Universal safety relays S  4000 samos® Safety modular system samos®pro Compact safety controller 3 3

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Overview of safety technology Rated voltage sensorpm Basic devices SAFE I SAFE | SAFE | SAFE | 94 VAC/DC 12 V DC 24 VAC/DC 24 VAC/DC 24 VAC/DC 24 VAC/DC Reset with Special features Housing size

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Basic devices with time function AUTO- AUTO- RESET RESET RESET RESET RESET RESET retriggerable retriggerable

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Emergency Stop monitoring Two-hand control Elevator systems / escalators Combustion plants Hardware configurable function blocks Software programmable safety controller with programming tool samosePLAN Base module of the samos"- system with 8 function modules for emergency stop, protective doors, safety mats, two-hand control, light curtain monitoring with muting function for stop categories 0 and 1, of samos and samos'pflo systems. Single-channel input circuit 1 signaling output relay Automatic Reset after application of the voltage and/or after safety request Manual Reset in the case of a...

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Excerpt from the product range "Safe System Solutions for Automation Technology Basic devices Basic devices with time function

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Basic devices with time function Contact expansion relay Modular safety modules sarrios Compact safety controls samos®PRO Application manuals safety Application manual D, BA000382, german R1.188.3000.0 safety Application manual EN, BA000383, engllsh R1.188.3010.0

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Replacement device types This list includes devices that are no longer available for delivery, or that should no longer be used in new systems. The part numbers of the replacement types are indicated in the list on pages 7 and 8 Technical data, terminal name, terminal location and housings of the ■ replacement types may be different. Please consult the data sheets! IFor further products and technical information go to More Information is available in the brochure "Safety first"

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Wieland Electric GmbH Sales and Marketing Center: Wieland Electric GmbH Technical Support: Industrial technology Solutions for the control cabinet • DIN rail terminal blocks - Screw, spring clamp or IDC connection technology - Wire cross sections up to 240 mm2 - Numerous special functions - Software solutions interfacing to CAE systems - Safety sensors - Safety relays - Modular safety systems with fieldbus link - Increased environmental conditions with railroad - Coupling relays, semiconductor switches - Measuring and monitoring relays -Timer and switching relays - Analog modules - Passive...

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