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PAM - 199 -P - 51 Pages

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PAM - 199 -P
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Catalogue excerpts

Technical Documentation Power amplifier for all typical proportional valves

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Order Number - general power amplifier for proportional directional, pressure or throttle valves - for directional valves - two independent channels for pressure or throttle valves - power amplifier with gate inputs (eight programmable preset values) The scope of supply includes the module plus the terminal blocks which are a part of the housing. The Profibus plug, interface cables and further parts which may be required should be ordered separately. This documentation can be downloaded as a PDF file from www.w-e-st.de. - Start-Up-Tool (downloadable from our homepage – products/software) The number...

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Symbols used General information Safety-related information Legal notice Elektronik GmbH Homepage: EMAIL: www.w-e-st.de or www.west-electronics.com info@w-e-st.de The data and characteristics described herein serve only to describe the product. The user is required to evaluate this data and to check suitability for the particular application. General suitability cannot be inferred from this document. We reserve the right to make technical modifications due to further development of the product described in this manual. The technical information and dimensions are non-binding. No claims may be...

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Safety instructions Please read this document and the safety instructions carefully. This document will help to define the product area of application and to put it into operation. Additional documents (WPC-300 for the start-up software) and knowledge of the application should be taken into account or be available. General regulations and laws (depending on the country: e.g. accident prevention and environmental protection) must be complied with. These modules are designed for hydraulic applications in open or closed loop control circuits. Uncontrolled movements can be caused by device defects...

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2 Characteristics This module is used for the control of one directional valve with two solenoids or one/two independent pressure or throttle valves with one solenoid each. Various adjustable parameters allow for an optimized adaptation to the respective valve. The integrated power amplifier with a short cycle time of 0,125 ms for the current loop is an inexpensive and space-saving solution. FUNCTION MODES: 195 (comparable to PAM-195): the amplifier can be used to control one directional valve. The current is controlled by a +/- 10 V (or 4… 20 mA with cable breakdown monitoring) input signal....

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The PAM-199 is based on a new hardware with improved technology and extended software. Integrated functionality of the former PAM-195, PAM-196 and PAM-197, so one unit for all typical applications Only one type of unit to order and one type of unit on stock Shorter delivery time USB interface: no need of special and expensive programming cables Baud rate: 57,6 KBaud Improved monitoring of signals and faults, error sources are indicated by three LEDs Improved analogue signal resolution of 0,01/0,02 % Faster and therefore highly stable power stage Automatic adaptation of the current loop compensator...

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Device description Made in Germany Date: Add.: ID: V: W.E.ST. Elektronik D-41372 Niederkrüchten Homepage: http://www.w-e-st.de Typenschild und Anschlussbelegung Type plate and terminal pin assignment W.E.ST. Ready Klemmblöcke (steckbar) Terminals (removable)

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Installation instruction This module is designed for installation in a shielded EMC housing (control cabinet). All cables which lead outside must be screened; complete screening is required. It is also a requirement that no strong electro-magnetic interference sources are installed nearby when using our open and closed loop control modules. Typical installation location: 24V control signal area (close to PLC) The devices must be arranged in the control cabinet so that the power section and the signal section are separate from each other. Experience shows that the installation space close to the...

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Install the device in accordance with the circuit diagram. Ensure it is wired correctly and that the signals are well shielded. The device must be installed in a protective housing (control cabinet or similar). Switching on for the first time Ensure that no unwanted movement is possible in the drive (e.g. switch off the hydraulics). Connect an ammeter and check the current consumed by the device. If it is higher than specified, there is an error in the wiring. Switch the device off immediately and check the wiring. Once the power input is correct the PC (notebook) should be connected to the serial...

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4 Function modes and technical description 4.1 General Information The PAM-199 is replacing the functionality of several power amplifiers. The functionality can be chosen by the command FUNCTION (195, 196 or 197). After this selection the module may be loaded with a previously saved parameter set. Due to safety reasons the switching takes places within protected conditions. Chasing light (over all LEDs): The bootloader is active. No normal functions are possible. All LEDs flash shortly every 6 s: An internal data error was detected and corrected automatically! The module still works regularly....

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Control of directional valves (195) 4.3.1 Typical system structures This minimal system consists of the following components: (*1) (*2) (*3) (*4) proportional valve hydraulic cylinder power amplifier interface to PLC with analogue and digital signals POWER STAGE 4.3.2 Method of operation This power amplifier is controlled by an analogue signal (from the PLC, from a joystick or a potentiometer). An ENABLE signal (typically 24V) activates the module and the READY output indicates this, if no internal or external error was detected. The integrated standard functions will be configured via different...

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4.3.3 Input and output signals Connection Power supply (see technical data) 0 V (GND) Power supply (ground). Attention, PIN 8 and PIN 11 are connected internally. PIN 11 is used as the GND potential for the command and feedback signals.. Reference voltages output Reference output voltage (8 V). Current controlled PWM outputs for solenoid A. Current controlled PWM outputs for solenoid B. Analogue input signals Command (input) signal (W), range -100…100 % corresponds with -10…10 V or 4…20 mA 0 V reference for the signal inputs. Attention, PIN 8 and PIN 11 are connected internally Digital inputs...

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