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Burners in marine execution 07/2012 - 20 Pages

Information about burners in marine execution
Burners in
marine execution
for Shipping and Offshore Installations with capacities up to 22 MW

Burners in marine execution 07/2012
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    Progress and Tradition:Burners in marine executionWeishaupt products can be found everywhere where reliability is essentialFor over 40 years Weishaupt...
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    Modular.Robust.Reliable.Thanks to their modularconstruction, Weishaupt burnerscan meet almost all requirementsfor shipping and offshoreoperations.For many...
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    Equipped for all ports in the world:A Weishaupt burner for almost any fuelIn accordance with MARPOLregulations, a sample of each fueldelivered must be...
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    Class approved:Weishaupt burners meet all classificationsThe Classication Society creates,monitors and documents thecompliance of technical regulationson...
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    You have a demanding requirement:Weishaupt has a suitable burnerStep by step to your tailor-made burnerWe require the following information from you to...
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