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Burners in marine execution 07/2012 - 20 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

info Information about burners in marine execution Burners in marine execution for Shipping and Offshore Installations with capacities up to 22 MW

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Progress and Tradition: Burners in marine execution Weishaupt products can be found everywhere where reliability is essential For over 40 years Weishaupt has designed and produced burners in marine execution for various applications such as auxiliary and hot water boilers for shipping and offshore installations. The in-house Research and Development Centre is constantly working on innovative new developments. The burners are distinguished by their robust and compact design. They are easy to install and maintain. Total care is taken in the development and production especially when it comes to...

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Modular. Robust. Reliable. Thanks to their modular construction, Weishaupt burners can meet almost all requirements for shipping and offshore operations. For many decades, Weishaupt burners in marine execution with their compact construction have proven themselves under the harshest conditions. Highest quality is our goal. Each burner is therefore fully tested and approved by Classification Societies. 3

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Equipped for all ports in the world: A Weishaupt burner for almost any fuel In accordance with MARPOL regulations, a sample of each fuel delivered must be available on board. The fuel can only be used once the specication (Bunker Delivery Note) has been released by the test laboratory. MARPOL 73/78 Annex VI (valid globally) 4 3,5 3 2,5 2 SECA´s (valid regionally) 1,5 1 Pier EU Harbours (Berth) 0,5 Weishaupt burners in marine execution are approved for Marine Fuel Oils to ISO 8217 2010-06-15 and DIN ISO 8217 2011-09. Source: DIN ISO 8217 : 2011-09 0,1% 0 2005 2007 2009 2011 2013 2015 2017 2019...

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Class approved: Weishaupt burners meet all classifications The Classication Society creates, monitors and documents the compliance of technical regulations on ships and offshore installations. Internationally recognised Societies 1. Bureau Veritas CCS China Classification Society 4. DNV Det Norske Veritas 5. GL Germanischer Lloyd 6. KR Korean Register of Shipping 7. LR Lloyd’s Register NKK Nippon Kaiji Kyokai 9. RINA Registro Italiano Navale 10. IACS International Association of Classification Societies BV 8. The burner can be matched to the ship using the registration code. American Bureau of...

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You have a demanding requirement: Weishaupt has a suitable burner Step by step to your tailor-made burner We require the following information from you to select your burner: 1. Fuel Marine Gases LNG Marine Oils LPG DMA DMZ DMB RMA RMB RMD RME RMG RMK 2. Boiler type and construction (combustion chamber geometry) Auxiliary boiler (steam / thermal fluid) Process plant (e.g. waste incineration/oil refining processes) Horizontal deviation (10 to 30°) Vertical Heating and hot water (warm water / hot water / steam) 3. Installation position of the burner Horizontal 4. Burner rating required and combustion...

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In detail: Weishaupt burners offer many advantages Weishaupt burners are manufactured to individual requirements. This means we deliver a product, which has been exactly matched to the customer’s needs. But Weishaupt burners also stand out through a multitude of innovative ideas: Reliable and convenient fuel change-over Whether switching from Gas (LNG) to MFO or from a high viscosity fuel to a low viscosity fuel, regardless of the type of fuel change-over required, we have the right solution. The key advantage of the Weishaupt design is that no fuel-side adjustment is needed for fuel change-over....

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The integrated oil lter is easily accessible (standard on MS burners version with different MFO fuels in alternating operation) Oil lter tted as standard The heated, integral oil lter is easily accessible and easy to service. Due to the exible construction of the oil lter the burner can be positioned as required. Due to the exible construction of the heated oil lter the burner can be installed in any position required from horizontal to vertical Increased safety during servicing The hinge securing mechanism supplied as standard ensures that the burner can not swing close during servicing. Increased...

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We control to your requirements: Analogue or digital Weishaupt offers individual control systems to meet all requirements of the ship’s classification with the usual voltages and frequencies Digital combustion management offers: Actuator for air supply Highest safety provided by 100% redundancy of burner control systems • • • • • • Precise setting accuracy Reproducible setting values Convenient handling Flexible communication Data backup / fault analysis Menu selection via clear text display Actuator for oil supply Display and operating unit Visualisation via PC / Touch Panel Modbus Combustion...

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Simple and time saving conversion with ready-to-install conversion kits Ready-to-install conversion kits for example for conversion from residual oilsfo distillate/residual oils, offer a time saving and service friendly possibility to adapt burners already installed to meet changing requirements. Installation position possible with gas/air separator. Different installation equipped with gas/air separator. Ready-to-install conversion kits facilitate the conversion of an existing burner and are easy to Install filter positioning With the MS conversion kit (example MS7/ MS8) installation Is possible...

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Fuel supply/fuel change-over Version for distillate fuels (DM..) © Suction pump assembly © Pressure regulating valve © 3 way ball valve (return) © 3 way ball valve (supply) ® 3 way ball valve (DM../DM..) © Two stage nozzle assembly Version for residual oils (RM..)1:1 Version for distillate fuels (DM..) and residual oils (RM..) in alternating operation (an oil side adjustment is not required) MDO only as an auxiliary fuel for startup and shutdown of the boiler and burner purging ^Except for type 8/2

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Version for distillate fuels (DM..) RL3 – RL11 burners M r é M t Pmax. DMZ 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 7a Suction pump assembly Gas/air separator Min. pressure switch Pressure regulating valve 3 way ball valve (return) 3 way ball valve (supply) Venting vessel Cooler (20 – 40 °C) for operation with viscosities < 3mm2/s at 40 °C 8 3 way ball valve (DM../DM..) 9 Heating (60 – 90 °C) 0 q w é r t z u i o i t DM.. MDO t o t Temperature switch (40 – 60 °C) Shut off combination Oil filter Burner pump Strainer Solenoid valve Oil preheater Temperature monitor/switch Two stage nozzle assembly Max. pressure switch w q...

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