WEH® Connectors for Pressure-tight connections in seconds - 92 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

WEH® Connectors Pressure-tight connections in seconds to threads, beads, tubes, etc. Connection solutions for industrial applications Catalogue 35 | Date: 03/2018 WEH® - We Engineer Hightech

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© All rights reserved, WEH GmbH 2018. Unauthorized copies are strictly forbidden as well as the publishing and using without the written consent of the WEH company. By the transfer of an up to date brochure or document all precursory versions will run out of validity. As a matter of principle the latest up to date version of brochures and other documents are valid. These versions can be inquired by the WEH company. Our general terms and conditions and the agreement on protection of know-how and quality assurance (www.weh.com) are valid for consignments and all other services, unless otherwise...

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» Introduction WEH GMBH PRECISION CONNECTORS Innovation is our tradition WEH® is the leading manufacturer of quick connectors for leak and function testing. Since 1980 WEH GmbH has offered an innovative range of test connectors. As a long-standing partner to the international automobile, hydraulic and manufacturing industry, our experts have developed advanced solutions for many applications. Working in collaboration with our customers on demanding applications is a reality for us. Customer demands for special solutions are an everyday activity for us. WEH® Connectors have vastly improved productivity...

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» Introduction APPLICATIONS WEH® Quick connectors have become standard in the general industry worldwide. Where all supply lines had to be screwed on engine test benches, now the innovative WEH® Connectors enable pressure-tight connections in seconds. WEH® Connectors are available for: • External threads • Internal threads • Straight tubes • Holes and bores • Flanges, beads, collars, ... and also for your application! WEH® Connectors can be characterized by: • Ease of operation • High durability • Minimum wear and tear • Ease of maintenance TW17H | Testing of injection pumps TW17V | 3 x twin connector...

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» Overview Internal or external threads, beads or straight tubes: WEH offers a solution for almost every application where a connection is needed. WEH can offer quick connectors for each type of connection. Customer-tailored solutions can be designed for special applications, even for small quantities. WEH® Connectors for internal threads WEH® Connectors for external threads WEH® Universal connectors for threads, beads, tubes, etc. SPECIAL SOLUTIONS Special connectors As a long standing partner to the international automotive, hydraulic and other manufacturing industries, our experts have developed...

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Pressure range bar max. External threads Internal threads Straight tubes k) * The test piece profile must allow a firm grip! Automation is possible for many types. Please contact us! Please note the relevant information on page 89, technical notes. ORDERING Normally we need the following information when ordering: 1. Part No. 2. Pressure range 3. Medium / requested leak rate 4. Description of application 6. Space requirement (interference contours, clearance, etc.) 7. CAD drawing of customer test piece with tolerances

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2 | WEH® Connectors for internal threads Features • Connection in seconds • No hand tightening required • WEH® Jaw locking mechanism • Modified clamping jaws for increased flow • Ergonomic design • High-grade materials • Different actuations • Automation possible • Testing devices are eliminated The WEH® TW17 Quick connector is designed for sealing standardized internal thread applications. The higher the test pressure the tighter the WEH® Connector will clamp itself into the thread of the test piece and provides a pressure-tight connection in seconds. The front o-ring reliably seals the connection...

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H Manually by depressing the lever. Medium effort required. V Pneumatically by pressing the valve head. Very little effort required. P Pneumatically for external manual, semi or fully automatic control systems

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2 | WEH® Connectors for internal threads Metric ISO thread to DIN 13 - acc. to DIN 3852part I, form Xand Y * Lmin: minimum thread length * Lmin: minimum thread length

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Whitworth tube thread to DIN EN ISO 228-1 - acc. to DIN 3852part 2, form Xand Y * Lmin: minimum thread length * Lmin: minimum thread length

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2 | WEH® Connectors for internal threads * Lmin: minimum thread length Other connector sizes and versions on request. Required information for ordering see page 9. When ordering WEH® TW17 please indicate in addition to the details requested on page 9 the following information: 1. Part No. Please insert within the part no. the letter corresponding to the desired type of actuation (H, V or P) in place of the position indicator (...) Example: TW17H-W9031-025 2. Pressure range Please add LP = low pressure version (up to 50 bar) or HP = high pressure version (up to 350 bar) at the end of the part number. Example:...

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» WEH® Connector TW17 ACCESSORIES The following accessories are available for the WEH® TW17: Screw plug If the WEH® Connector is to be used as a plug, the media inlet ‘B1’ will be sealed with a screw plug of brass (PVC sealing ring) for low pressure range or alternatively of stainless steel (O-ring of NBR 70° Shore) for high pressure range. It is recommended that the media compatibility of the seal be tested by the customer! Low pressure Connection (external thread) High pressure Pressure range Screw plug (low pressure) Screw plug (low pressure) Screw plug (low pressure) Screw plug (low pressure) Screw...

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2 | WEH® Connectors for internal threads Features • Connection in seconds • No hand tightening required • WEH® Jaw locking mechanism • High-grade materials The WEH® TW19 Quick connector is especially designed for sealing hydraulic components with internal thread in high and low pressure applications. The clamping lever actuated connector safely grips into the test piece, even in case of high lateral forces, e.g. heavy or rigid hoses. The higher the test pressure the tighter the WEH® Connector will clamp itself into the thread of the test piece. The front o-ring reliably seals the connection and...

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