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WEH® Connector Solutions
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Catalog excerpts

WEH® CONNECTOR SOLUTIONS for pressure-tight connections in seconds

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» WEH® Quick Connectors for pressure and function testing, filling and plugging Internal or external threads, beads or straight tubes: WEH offers a solution for almost every application where a connection is needed. Suitable testing and/or filling connectors are available for each type of connection. Customer-tailored solutions can be designed for special applications, even for small quantities. Special solutions As a long standing partner to the international automotive, hydraulic and other manufacturing industries, our experts have developed advanced solutions to make production processes faster,...

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CONNECTION OPTIONS Connection possibilities External Internal Straight Holes and Swaged threads threads tubes bores and flared * The test piece profile must allow a firm grip! Automated versions are also possible for many types of connector. Please contact us!

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INTERNAL/EXTERNAL THREADS » TW05 For function and pressure tests of components with internal thread. Connecting and actuating the test pressure is accomplished by simply sliding the grip sleeve. » TW17 Quick connector featuring three actuation styles for manual, semi or fully automatic applications, e.g. pressure and function tests of components with internal thread from vacuum up to 350 bar. » TW18 Identical in construction to the TW17, the WEH® TW18 Quick Connector is designed for components with external thread. Having the same variety of actuation styles, the TW18 is best suited for testing...

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» WEH® Universal Connectors for threads, beads, tubes, etc. For function and pressure tests of components with a bead, rim, collar, flange, stub or external thread. The WEH® TW800 is rated for a pressure range of up to max. 50 bar and the WEH® TW850 up to max. 630 bar. For pressure and vacuum tests of straight tubes and bores up to max. 3 bar. The manually operated connector is secured to the component by its connection seal. Lever-actuated quick connector for vacuum and pressure tests of straight tubes and bores, e.g. underwater, pressure decay and helium tests up to 70 bar. For filling and evacuating...

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» More WEH® Universal Connectors for threads, beads, tubes, etc. Multi-function connector for testing components with banjo-type, tube and hose connections with sleeve nuts, etc. Depending on the type, the connector is available with pneumatic (TW130 / TW132) or manual actuation (TW131) and rated for high pressure up to max. 350 bar (TW130) or low pressure up to max. 50 bar (TW131 / TW132). For pressure-tight connections on straight tubes, e.g. leak testing of heat exchangers and filling of closed cooling circuits with refrigerants. Also available as an extended version for difficult-to-access...

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The WEH® Fuel Connectors enjoy an international reputation in the automotive industry and are used worldwide. They have been successfully used on engine test facilities for fast and efficient pressure and leak tests on fuel lines while maintaining production rates. Advantages at a glance: » Pressure-tight connections within seconds » No laborious hand-tightening » Integrated shut-off valve prevents leakage of fuel » Compact design

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SPECIAL SOLUTIONS » Customer-tailored WEH® Solutions for special applications The following applications provide an exemplary insight into the world of our special developments. » Multi connectors The above example is a WEH TW17 Quick Connector modified for simultaneous pressure testing of two internal threads that are very close to each other. ® » Extended connectors The above example is a WEH TW850 Quick Connector which has been extended by 80 mm in order to connect to threads in the counterbore. ® » More special connectors A large variety of special solutions for testing and filling applications...

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