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WEG RANGE OF SMOKE EXTRACTION MOTORS: The high quality of WEG Smoke Extraction Motors is obtained through a strict quality control system and by complying withinternational standards specific to the product, which have resulted in a modern and reliable motor.
Smoke Extraction Motors can operate at S1 duty (continuous running) at ambient temperature of 40C and in emergency
duty fire condition at S2 duty according to the motor classification of temperature / time combinations. For example, in
F400 classification the motor can operate usually at normal operating conditions (at 40ںC) and, on emergency cases, for a
period of 2 hours at ambient temperature of 400C to drive the cooling system fans designed to remove heat and smoke
from crowded places.
WEG offers you a complete line of Smoke Extraction motors ranging classes F200, F300 and F400, single-speed or
two-speed, TEFC or TEAO, Foot Mounted or Pad Mounted, etc. as per table below:
*Continuously rated for normal ambient and emergency duty at rated temperature and time. F200F300F400 >
Duty CertificationInsulation ClassStandardFrame MaterialPole / Frame SizesavailableConstruction o C/2 hoursS1 - 40ڰCS2* - 400C - 2 hoursBSRIA - U.K.Frames: 80 to 180CTICM - FranceFrames: 90 to 280Pole: IV, VI, VIII, VI/IV, VII/IV poles Ins. Class H; Temp. Rise 80K or 105KEN 12101-3Cast Iron TEFC or TEAO (foot or flange mounted / pad mounted for frame sizes 80 up to 250) II, IV/II pole (frame sizes 80 up to 250)IV, VI, VIII, VIII/IV, VI/IV pole (frame sizes 80 up to 355M/L)
S1 - 40аCS2* - 200C - 2 hoursBSRIA - U.K.Frames: 132 to 280Ins. Class F; Temp. Rise 80K
S1 - 40аCS2* - 300C - 1 hourBSRIA - U.K.Frames: 80 to 250Also available certification for300 APPLICATIONS: These smoke removal systems are applied in a broad range of applications including large buildings, shopping malls,factories, warehouses, enclosed parking lots, tunnels, among others. In other words, they are used where a large concentration
of people in commercial and industrial facilities is present. Additional advantages include reduction of damage and financial
loss by preventing smoke logging, reduction of roof temperatures and delay in fire spreading. >
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Smoke Application
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    Smoke ExtractionMotors >
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    TABLE OF CONTENTS _SMOKE EXTRACTION MOTORS_ Features Smoke Extraction Motors...........................................................................................................................02...
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    STANDARD FEATURES:ELECTRICAL: >Three phase Ֆ IP55 - 50Hz >Voltages:Multivoltage Ֆ 220-240/380-415V or 380-415/690V (only for single-speed...
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    SMOKE EXTRACTION MOTORS_ SINGLE-SPEED MOTORS - 200X / 2 hours •-■!,-.1 l'on- Allowable 400V Output IEC...
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    ved encV ett"»cl 380V 415V Output Rated speed (rpm) % of full load Full load current l„(A) Rated speed...
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    SMOKE EXTRACTION MOTORS_ SINGLE-SPEED MOTORS - 200°C / 2 hours Output IEC Frame Full load torque C„ (Nm) Locked rotor...
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    415V 380V % of full load Efficiency T| Power Factor Cos p 50 75 100 50 75 100 % of full load Efficiency...
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