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Wokholding brochure - 32 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Magnetic Solutions Since 1896 WORK HOLDING Permanent / Electromagnetic / Electropermanent / Rotary / Controls

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M A G N E T IC WORKHOLDING Permanent / Electromagnetic / Electropermanent / Rotary / Controls The magnetic chuck was invented by Oakley S. Walker in 1896. Walker manufactures rectangular and rotary chucks worldwide for the purpose of grinding, milling and hard turning. Magnetic workholding chucks are manufactured in Permanent, Electromagnetic and Electropermanent styles. www.walkermagnet.com

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Applications / Product Types Smart-B Series Smart-D Series Smart-E Series for Uncompensated Electropermanent

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Walker permanent chucks are manually operated. Made with powerful permanent ceramic and rare earth (NEO) magnet materials, these chucks can hold a wide range of workpieces without transfering heat The Walker permanent chuck allows for holding workpieces during both surface and ID/OD grinding, as well as light milling, EDM and turning applications. Neodymium EDM Power Magnets Precision Sine Chucks

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Fine Division Permanent Magnetic Chuck The Ceramax is the most widely used permanent magnetic chuck in the machine tool industry. Its patented design offers maximum holding power, ease of installation and operation. It is also extremely versatile. In addition to general toolroom grinding, the Ceramax is suitable for light milling and STANDARD FEATURES • Solid construction top plate protects permanent magnetic pack from penetration of coolant • Provides stronger more rigid work surface • Maximum workholding surface • Fine pole divisions for more uniform magnetic holding Additional sizes available...

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Super Accurate, Micropitch Permanent Magnetic Chucks for Precision Grinding Maximum grinding accuracy • Unique actuating mechanism elminates switching deformation • Uniform magnet force distribution over the entire working area Maximum grinding efficiency • Neodymium magnetic system generating 30% higher force compared to other micropitch chucks • Maximum workholding surface 100% active with no weak areas • Very low magnetic field allowing easy disposal of grinding swarf • Low height allowing maximum wheelhead clearance and ability The Neomicro2 chuck is ideal for reliable clamping of very thin...

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PRECISION SINE CHUCKS Permanent Magnetic Chucks for Precision Grinding • Single piece, hardened (HRc BO), precision ground base offering extreme rigidity • Stainless steel rollers located in V-groove, minimizing wear • Stable locking of chuck by means of slotted lock(s) at the side • Maximum angular accuracy: ±5 seconds • Zero slip gauge of 3 mm; easy setting of small angles • Bases of 350 mm and up have 2 gauge platforms, maximizing stability Single Angle Compound Angle Additional sizes available upon request.

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Powerful Permanent Magnetic Chuck for Milling Double Neodymium magnet pack generates a powerful holding force on workpieces with an uneven or rough contact surface Low magnetic field, concentrated over the top plate without stray fields. No chip contamination of workpiece surface and cutting tool Transverse, close pole division of 11 mm of steel and 4 mm of brass allows optimal holding of workpieces only 26 mm long and 6 mm thick. The top plate can be drilled and tapped to accommodate pins, pegs or other clamping aids Vibrations are dampened, contributing to machining accuracy Nominal holding...

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Powerful Workholding System for Modem Milling Centers Neopower series provides a revolutionary, versatile magnetic work- holding system; allowing five sided machining without the use of blocking or clamping. Suitable for conventional milling applications, as well as finishing operations on high speed machining centers in • Twin Neodymium magnet system for sustained powerful holding power when used with riser blocks • Modular design allows maximum flexibility • Pole pitch of 19 mm providing a low magnetic field and minimizing chip contamination • Optional accessories (see chart below] • Optional...

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Permanent Magnetic Chucks for EDM and Precision Grinding Low profile (height) of only 35 mm (1.37"). The Neospark chuck can be put on a pallet without creating weight and height problems, both in manual and robotic pallet changing systems Excellent holding force with micro-pole pitch allows holding of very small Height of the magnetic field being just 6 mm (.23") and the absence of stray magnetic fields allow EDM operations close to the chuck surface The smooth and flush faces of the chuck lower "contamination sensitivity" to EDM particles allowing easy cleaning and adding to the overall accuracy Usable...

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Fine Division Permanent Magnetic Chucks In operation, the workpiece is held down on the Erofine with a very low magnetic field (3 mm). There is no influence on the spark erosion process and no particles adhere to the workpiece. Erofine is also suitable for high precision grinding. Clamping small and thin work- pieces is very difficult; the special construction of the Erofine chuck will reduce these problems. Unit Features Every (6 mm) narrow steel pole in the Walker Erofine magnetic chuck is supported by a set of permanent magnets on both sides. These are the same magnets that Walker uses in their...

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Rotary Permanent Magnetic Chucks These chucks provide dependable magnetic holding for rotary surface grinding The top plate is magnetic with each pole individually magnetized by powerful ceramic permanent magnets, so electrical controls and collector rings are not required. Frequent magnet polarity changes result in low magnet field to prevent magnetization Total Rear Rear Face Face Tapped Hole Hole Tap Total Dia. Height Pilot Dia. Pilot Depth Pilot Hole Pilot Depth Location (dia.) Tapped Tap size Depth Weight Model lin.) lin.) lin.) lin.) lin.) lin.)_lin.) Holes lin.) lin.) libs.) Permanent Radial...

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NEOGRIP Circular Permanent Magnetic Chucks with Parallel Poles for Grinding SPECIFICATIONS Code (mm) 15.00.100 15.00.130 15.00.150 15.00.200 A (mm) 100 130 150 200 L (mm) 74 107 118 162 BH7 (mm) 65 90 120 150 C (mm) 22x5/M8x12 22x5/M8x12 22x5/M8x12 22x5/M8x12 E (mm) 86 120 137 182 M (dia.) M6x12(3) M6x12(4) M8x16(4) M8x16(4) Weight (kg) 3 5 7 12 ØA L 50 OFF Pole pitch 18 5 ØC ON Steel 11 mm -05 • • • • • Double pack of Neodymium magnets provides high holding power Balanced design allows high turning speeds Very low magnetic field Low construction height To accommodate driving pins, stops or other...

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