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Cutting Table Magnets - 1 Pages

The fastest way to clear a cutting table

Walker can keep your cutting machine cutting.

A cutting table that isn't cutting just doesn't cut it. In factH it's costing you

time and — money, A magnet system from Walker Magnetics can change all

that. We have been providing magnetic solutions for over 100 years. Put that

experience to work improving your bottom lino. Here are some of the ways

a Wal kar magnet system can holp:

* Use the magnetic toad the plate

andthen after cutting, unload cut

parts and skeleton ir one step

* Eliminate time consuming

handling methods such as dogs,

grabs and chains

■ Cutmore psrts psr shift by

maximizing torch time

■ Separate parts from skeleton

to improve the sorting process

■ Stop using the cutting ta ble

as a sorting table

« Deliver new plates faster

■ Move parts through the shop on time

* Increase safety hy keeping operators

off the table

One size doesn't fit all.

Walker magnet systems are designed

to meet the special material handling

needs required in precision flame.

plasma, waterjet and laser cutting

table operations. A Walker applications

engineer can work closely with you

to tailor a system to meet the specific

needs of your operation.

Enjoy a bigger piece of the pie with Walker.

Additional Cutting

e with Walker

Decrease Load/Unload Time, Increase Torch Time

Free Brochure.

Find out how a Walker magnet system

can raise productivity and profitabiEity tor

your operation. For more information or to

discuss your application with an engineer,

please call 1-800-962-4638 Send email

to sales@walkerniannet.CDin.

Or visit Walker Magnetics on the weh

at www,waIkoimagnet.com. And kaep

your cutting table Gutting.




Cutting Table Magnets
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