Power Plants Product programme 2007 - 56 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts


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GRID STABILITY AND PEAKING BASELOAD POWER GENERATION Wrtsil power plants operate with the transmission grid when demand for electricity 䤖 and therefore prices are at their highest.They are engineered for applications of 1000-6000 operating hours per year. Due to their environmentally advanced design, they are permitted to operate more hours than the traditional peaking plant profi le of 100-500 hours per year.A lower cost power plant with minimal environmental impact will always be dispatched fi rst and disengaged last, creating more revenues for its operators. Peaking plant sizes up to 150 MWe...

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INDUSTRIAL SELF-GENERATION Integrability, fl exibility and outstanding plant effi ciency are the characteristics appreciated by industries depending on reliable, decentralised power generation. Wrtsil engines are designed for continuous operation and they can run in island mode or parallel with the grid depending on the operational demand. The plants are built up from 4-17 MW engine units. Typical plant size ranges from 4-100 MWe, one engine up to multiengine plant solutions.W䤤rtsil oil power plants typically serve as the main source of power for e.g. oil & gas industry mining cement manufacturing...

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KHACHMAZ, AZERBAIJANType of customer: Utility Engine type: 10 x Wrtsil 20V34SG Total output: 87 MW Type of fuel: Gas Gas engines (gas only)Dual-fuel engines (natural gas/liquid fuel)Liquid fuel MW15 W䤤rtsil 34SG Wrtsil䤤 32DF Wrtsil 50DF (LFO,HFO, CRO,Emulsified,Bio-oils)W䤤rtsil 20Wrtsil䤤 32Wrtsil 46(wood-based fuel)Biopower solutions >

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1050100200300 LFO = light fuel oilHFO = heavy fuel oilCRO = crude fuel oil >

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Wrtsil gas power plants are designed for optimal performance in a wide variety of decentralized power production for peaking, intermediate and baseload applications. The 4-150 MW plants are based on engine units operating on natural gas or in dual-fuel mode (natural gas/liquid fuel oil). The gas power plant䤒s advantages are: Stepwise investment at smaller risks and optimized profi t generation Excellent plant availability and reduced need for back-up capacity due to multi-unit installation Net plant electrical effi ciency over 44% Full plant output at high altitudes and hot and dry ambient conditions...

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GASCUBE The Wrtsil GasCube is a complete one-engine power plant, based on the W䤤rtsil 20V34SG, with all the auxiliaries and components needed to make up a working power production unit, providing up to 9 MWe per unit. Due to a minimized annex system, the Cube is the optimal solution for agile, streamlined and exceptionally cost effi cient project execution.High electrical effi ciency through minimization of the plants own consumption Simple and reliable technical solutions Compact plant design Perfect for EPC deliveries even to areas lacking infrastructure > 9 size="-1">

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Dimensions and weightsSkid6L20 Powerskid8L20 Powerskid9L20 Powerskid Length (mm)410095001064010920Width (mm)2275227522752275 Height (mm)2255237526202620 Weight (tonne)3.2222728 A Wrtsil 9L20 Powerskid. >

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OILCUBE The Wrtsil OilCube 20V32 (with options of 12V32 and 16V32) is a complete single-unit power plant designed to meet a power demand of 5 to 30 MW. The minimized annex system makes the Cube an extremely fl exible, streamlined and exceptionally cost-effi cient solution for carrying out projects.High electrical effi ciency through minimizing the plant䤒s own consumption Simple and reliable technical solutions Compact design with all optional equipment outside the Cube (e.g. tanks, switchgear room etc) Perfect for EPC deliveries even to areas lacking infrastructure WRTSILĄ 20 CONTAINERIZED POWER...

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Refinery processUnrefined vegetable oilRefined oil Refinery by-products VEGETABLE OIL UTILIZATION > Liquid biofuel can be produced from practically any oil-rich crop, from oil palm, soy, rapeseed and olive to sunfl ower seeds, grown in many regions all around the world. In order to minimize the lifecycle impact on greenhouse gas emissions, Wrtsil liquid biofuel plants are designed to operate on clarifi ed crude vegetable oils 䤖 without any supplementary energy for fuel refi nement needed. Wrtsil offers liquid biofuel power plants in the range of 1-300 MW using W䤤rtsil 20, Wrtsil䤤 32 and Wrtsil...

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Food industryWaste oilDiesel power plantPowerHeat The power plant of ItalGreen Energy in southern Italy is the worlds largest plant running on liquid biofuel. Prime movers: 3 x WҤrtsil 18V32 Total output: 24 MW 17 >

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Barajas Airport in Madrid, Spain, is powered by a Wrtsil CHP/trigeneration plant with six W䤤rtsil 18V32DF engines. 18 >

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Architectural study of Wrtsil䤤s town concept, a small-footprint layout of a CHP plant comprising three WҤrtsil 20V34SG generating sets. 19 >

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Multifuel (LFO,HFO,CRO)WĤrtsil 20,6-9 cyl.Wrtsil䤤 32,6-20 cyl.Wrtsil 46,6-16 cyl. BHP0500010,00015,00020,000 Dual-fuel (natural gas/liquid fuel)W䤤rtsil 32DF,6-18 cyl.Wrtsil䤤 50DF,6-16 cyl. Wrtsil Vasa 32GD,6-18 cyl.Dual-fuel (associated gas/liquid fuel) Gas (only)W䤤rtsil 34SG,9,16 and 20 cyl. MW0246810121416 >

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SG operation Dual-fuel operation The SG engines are spark-ignited lean-burn engines. In this process, the gas is mixed with air before the inlet valves. During the intake period, gas is also fed into a small prechamber, where the gas mixture is rich compared to the gas in the cylinder. At the end of the compression phase the gas/air mixture in the prechamber is ignited by a spark plug. The fl ames from the nozzle of the prechamber ignite the gas/air mixture in the whole cylinder. Combustion is fast. After the working phase the cylinder is emptied of exhaust and the process starts again. > The...

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GD operation Diesel operation Fuel Sharing mode , the ratio between liquid and gas fuel amounts can be controlled and varied during operation. The operating window for the Fuel Sharing mode is 35 to 90% load and the gas/liquid fuel ratio can vary from 80/20 to 15/85. The gas-diesel process can tolerate big variations in the gas quality and is especially suitable for non-pipeline quality gasӔ, such as associated gas in oil fi elds. Liquid Fuel mode operation. The liquid fuel can be light fuel oil, heavy fuel oil or crude oil. In this case, the process is the same as the conventional diesel process....

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