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Hoftrac® 11 / 12 Series - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Weidemann GmbH Mühlhäuser Weg 45–49 34519 Diemelsee-Flechtdorf Germany Tel. +49(0)5633 609-0 Fax +49(0)5633 609-666 Weidemann has been a subsidiary of Wacker Neuson SE, Munich.

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Your barn and yard operations specialists. The Hoftrac® was invented over 40 years ago for the purpose of making heavy farmyard work easier. Now they can all do this work more efficiently, flexibly, quickly and safely. Weidemann has always been there at your side.

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Individuality is tops – your own personal Hoftrac . ® The new basic models are the starting point for you to equip your machine to suit your own particular needs. Our reasonably priced entry-level models give you the opportunity to freely configure your machine: Choose from the many options the ones that you need for your work. In this way you can be sure that your machine will meet your needs right across the board. And the best thing about the new Hoftrac ® concept is that with our 11 and 12 series models, you only pay for what you really need. A compact design, a low centre of gravity, a narrow...

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Your Hoftrac is entirely your machine: Individually designed. Built to meet your needs. Always on form. Change the attachment without climbing out. The optional hydraulic lock makes work easier for you, and your Weidemann particularly versatile and flexible. It can be reconfigured for new jobs within a matter of seconds. A class above. Enormous lifting heights despite its compact and low design. The angled lifting arm has an extremely high load-bearing capacity and is resistant to buckling. Its shape supports the precision of your work. Clear visibility of the attachment and the working area. Exactly...

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Practice as a designer: A careful look and stable construction. Twice the strength instead of half measures. Maximum balance and stability can be achieved with only two lifting cylinders. This delivers safety and is gentle on the components. State-of-the-art maximum safety. The overhead guard and the new restraint system for the driver comply with the current European Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC). 1 Boost productivity. The engine bonnet and seat are tilted together. What you can save in work steps every day boosts your productivity. 2 ntelligent Weidemann articulated I oscillating joint. 1 four...

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Simply impressive: Brand name quality in every detail. Low position (LP) for high performance. The driver's low seat position allows a lower overall height. Other advantages: The machine's centre of gravity is close to the ground, comfortable climb, better contact with the working environment and a feeling of safety when driving. An idea that has always been true to itself. Your Weidemann is a specialist. It is made in Germany, in one of the most modern manufacturing plants in Europe. Today, more than ever, it is what it always was – a multitalent that has grown up in an agricultural background....

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The word is out: The 12 series is tops! MAINTENANCE. SERVICE. VALUE RETENTION. "Buyers who opt for a Weidemann machine, opt for high dependability." R. Nagel, Germany Boarding stables and crop cultivation Optimum comfort. Simply drive up to the attachment, pick it up hydraulically from your seat and lock / unlock it while maintaining constant visual contact. This makes work so much easier. The Hoftracs ® speak for themselves. And enthusiastic customers often speak for them. A brand name like Weidemann that's steeped in tradition lives from its good reputation. That's why every machine must at...

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Tiltable driver's cab. Uncomplicated access to the engine, hydraulic system and electricals. Maintenance and inspection made easy. Trained in practice. Superior in competition. Only that which proves itself in practice is also of value in terms of its technology. Everyday farming is often hard and unpredictable. That's why every machine must also have reserves in order to be prepared for that well-known "exceptional situation". That applies to both performance and unusual jobs, as well as to all aspects of safety at work. Your Hoftrac ® is always able to do more than what it's called upon to perform....

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The Hoftracs in daily use: Performance couldn't be any more convincing. ® The practical side is what matters most. Machines which prove their capabilities day in, day out: power, versatility and the capacity to get straight down to the job. With maximum efficiency and the best result in the shortest time.

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Why not just put together your own vehicle It's not the sheer number of models that matters when finding the best solution to a problem, it's the individual machine configuration for the work in question. Our four basic models, the 1140, 1160, 1260 and 1280, have replaced the existing variety of many different types and offer you the possibility of reasonably-priced entry-level models. In addition, there is still also a LP Hoftrac with a particularly Simply choose from our range of options and configure your Hoftrac® to suit the work you do and your operational requirements. And the best thing...

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Engine type Operating weight (standard) kg Lift frame horizontal / machine straight kg Lift frame horizontal / machine articulated kg Lift frame horizontal / machine straight kg Lift frame horizontal / machine articulated kg Axle (optional) Driving speed (optional) km/h Speed stages (optional) Capacity of fuel tank l Output l/min Traction drive Drive shaft Drive shaft Drive shaft Drive shaft Drive shaft Drive shaft Averaged acoustic power level LwA dB (A) Guaranteed acoustic power level LwA dB (A) Specified acoustic pressure level LpA dB (A) TECHNICAL DATA ENGINE DATA ELECTRICAL SYSTEM Tipping...

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Typical operating conditions Mean value VIBRATIONS LOADING TYPE Compact wheel loader (operating weight < 4,500kg) Load & carry (loading & transport work) Wheel loader (Operating weight > 4,500 kg) Load & carry (loading & transport work) Use in production (rough operating conditions) Whole-body vibrations: Hand-arm vibrations: - very machine is fitted with a driver's set that meets E the requirements of EN ISO 7096:2000. - and-arm vibrations do not H exceed 2.5 m/s 2 - When the loader is used correctly, the whole-body vibrations vary from less than 0.5 m/s 2 up to a brief maximum value. - When...

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