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Wachs-Subsea-Brochure-2013 - 16 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Platform and Shallow Water Products

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Wachs Subsea Wachs Subsea specializes in Subsea Cutting Solutions, manufacturing products to support the maintenance and repair activities of the offshore oil and gas industries. Subsea Cutting Specialists Wachs Subsea specializes in Subsea Cutting Solutions, manufacturing products to support the maintenance and repair activities of the offshore oil and gas industries. This brochure highlights our subsea products most often used topside on rigs and platforms, and in shallow water applications characterized by diver intervention. Many of the products shown here however are suitable or adaptable...

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Shallow Water Products Wachs Subsea precision machines are available for sale or rental around the globe. We can also provide onsite training and maintenance technicians. Proven Cutting Technologies Wachs Subsea products utilize proven offshore cutting solutions that can be organized into families based on the machining technology used. Depending on your requirements for depth, speed, power supply and machining precision we offer machine tools that mill, lathe machine, abrasive cut or reciprocating cut, with multiple control and power supply options. Your Wachs product specialists are expert in...

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Diamond Wire Saws SELF ADJUSTING AUTO FEED SYSTEM AND HYDRODYNAMIC DESIGN Self adjusting auto feed system controls wire tension, automatically matching the feed rate to the cutting rate Fast & Efficient Wachs Subsea Diamond Wire Saws (DWS) are designed for underwater cutting of horizontal or vertical pipe or structures, with four models available to cut from 4” to 84” O.D. (122-2134mm). Running on hydraulic power, the saws are controlled remotely with dedicated HPU controls, topside control panels or by ROV control operable via zero leak hot stabs. Diamond wire cutting element quickly and cleanly...

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Diamond Wire Saws SYNCHRONIZED CLAMPING Wachs DWS models are equipped with a fully adjustable power clamping system, designed to grasp the workpiece more accurately with fewer contact pads. It features two synchronized, hydraulically actuated clamping arms that pivot inward, providing easy and secure remote control mounting. Synchronized clamping arms ensure uniform, square and secure mounting and prevent damage to the arms from unequal forces. Because the machine mounts more accurately, less visual supervision is required. COMPRESSION CUTS The diamond wire saw is ideal where the possibility exits...

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Split Frames LCSF Bolted Together LCSF “Split” for Mounting Wachs LCSF Low Clearance Split Frames are the world’s most versatile and comprehensive line of lightweight, clamshell style portable machine tools on the market today. For subsea applications the LCSF can be split around inline pipe or structures, or used as a machining platform for various applications. Standard LCSF models mount to pipe, tube and structures ranging from 2” to 48” O.D. (51-1219mm). The HDSF heavy duty split frame models cover O.D. ranges from 12” to 84” and up (305-2134mm). LCSF split frame lowered for diver placement UNRIVALED...

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Split Frames SUPERIOR CONSTRUCTION Designed with a compact cross section for low clearance applications, the LCSF is constructed of steel and aluminum components - steel where strength is needed, aluminum where strength is less critical than weight. A major advantage of the Wachs LCSF is their light weight; these machines typically can be set up by one operator without the need for additional lifting devices. The HDSF features a bigger cross section with larger gear sets and all steel construction for maximum durability. With thirteen standard LCSF models and six HDSF models plus additional sizes...

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FEATURES • Safe Cold Cutting • Easy Set-Up • Compact Design • Horizontal and Vertical Cutting The Wachs Trav-L-Cutter is a portable milling machine capable of cold cutting and beveling simultaneously on pipe and circular structures ranging from 6” to 72” O.D (152-1829mm). Secured by its own tensioning chain, the Trav-L-Cutter drives itself around the pipe on the mounting chain as it machines. Used all over world above and below the surface, the Trav-L-Cutter covers a wide range by simply ordering additional chain sections. Hydraulic Model HE with its powerful, closed loop hydraulic drive system...

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Wachs Guillotine saws are versatile, reciprocating designs for cold cutting 2” to 36” O.D. (51-914mm) pipe and vessels, as well as structures, solids, and multi-stranded casing strings. Our Guillotines, known throughout the industry as the “Wachs Saw”, provide easy set up and fast accurate cuts. The steel mounting saddle assures square cuts at right angles. Optional mounting saddles are available for unusual or complex shapes such as I Beams. MULTIPLE SIZES Wachs Subsea offers five different Guillotine models, from smallest to largest the Super C, Model D, Super D, Goliath and Super Goliath. Every...

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The Wachs Subsea Dual Pin Drill is designed to drill holes for pin insertion to facilitate removal and decommissioning in subsea structures such as multiple string casings. Utilizing two hydraulically powered opposed drills, each drill motor is powerful enough to drill up to a 5-1/2” (140mm) diameter hole drilled to center on a 36” (914mm) conductor. SINGLE OR DUAL DRILL OPERATION The Wachs Subsea Dual Pin Drill is capable of single or dual operation of the drill motors, offering the user maximum flexibility. Each pin drill spindle motor and feed motor is operated separately to deliver independent,...

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Subsea Drill The Wachs Subsea Drill is the ideal drill for subsea and decommissioning projects, and is engineered specifically for harsh and demanding subsea environments. Built of corrosion resistant materials, the subsea drill can be deployed to most working depths. This hydraulically powered, manual or auto feed variable speed tool is powerful enough to drill up to a 5” (127mm) diameter hole. It features a reliable saddle mounting system that ensures a secure, square connection to the pipe, casing or structure, with other mounting adaptors available by special order. A Wachs multi-circuit control...

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