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utility brochure - 13 Pages

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utility brochure
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Catalogue excerpts

Wachs 1932 Wachs Today Today's managers ask themselves: What's the most important considration when I purchase valve maintenance machines? Quality hardware, or state of the art software and controllers that talk with my existing water management system? Superior Hardware and Software The good news is with E.H. Wachs, you get the best of both. Our hardware is demonstrably superior - just see these machines in action and compare them side by side to the competition. Now ask your IT specialist to review the functionality, precision control and communication that our Intelligent Automation and VITALS...

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Intelligent rm Software E.H. Wachs offers the industry's leading fully automated system of safely exercising valves that's so unique, it's patented. Wachs Intelligent Automation equipped tools are safer and easy to use, and is available on all our power truck or trailer mounted valve exercisers. Intelligent Automation E.H. Wachs combination of Intelligent Automation, VITALS software and the Recon controller offers users the most precise microprocessor control of valve operation ever invented. Here's how it works: Wachs Intelligent Automation equipped machines contain the necessary motors and sensors,...

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erv-7 Extended Reach Without Compromise The ERV-750 works equally well on either a truck or trailer, and its mounting options are virtually limitless. The ERV-750 does not require the operator to physically hold it down on the valve. Prior to the ERV-750ٙ extended reach valve turning Systems were fragile and could not develop the necessary torque to free stuck valves. Competing products promise flexibility, but no matter how they spin it are fragile and prone to bucking. Patented Intelligent Automation With Intelligent Automation, only the minimum amount of torque necessary is applied, virtually...

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Industry Leading Power and Intelligence Our Recon GPS handheld controller allows the user to stand clear of the keyway for safety. The operator can monitor the turning sequence on the VITALS Mobile screen in real time, while the Recon captures the information to synchronize with your water management system. If you already own a past model Wachs turning machine ٕ Consider updating your unit to a fully automated system  Pay a fraction of the cost of a new unit Օ Complete retrofitting offered on your TM-2, TM-3, TM-5, TM-6 and TM-7  For additional details contact your Wachs representative If you...

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vmt-t uitimate power and Versatility Carry your entire system information in the palm of your hand! Wachs Recon and VITALS Mobile software synchronizes with your water management software to share information in two directions. Shown is the GPS Recon that records longitude and latitude information on your valves. A list of popular options to consider for your VMT-1ٙ includes:  Hydraulic Pump Kit for powering additional tools Օ Upright spoils tank with side discharge  Hose Reel Kit Օ Hot Water Kit  Telescoping Valve Key Օ precision Excavating Wands  Short Boy Wash Down Wand Օ Aluminum Locking TooI...

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Curbside Control, Powerful Flexibility vmt-2 Power, features, flexibility and robust construction are what make E.H.Wachs the industry leader in valve maintenance systems. The new Wachs VMT-2 features a large power tilting rear facing spoils tank and an aft-mounted ERV-750ٙ valve exerciser as standard equipment. Designed for curbside usage, it sets new standards for operator safety and convenience. The Trav-L-Vac 300 is a lightweight, portable vacuum system ideal for use with smaller vehicles, positioning in tight quarters or for use in high density or fragile landscapes. It allows system managers...

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Wachs industry exclusive ability to synchronize information in two directions between the handheld and your water management systems means your handheld and your system are always complete and up to date. Standard equipment on the Mini-VMT ٕ Powerful 15 HP Gasoline Engine  HPU-750ՙ Hydraulic Power Unit  Auxiliary Hydraulic Power Connections Օ ERV-750 Extended Reach Valve Operator ٕ Recon Controller  VITALSՙ Software  Intelligent Automation Options to consider for your Mini-VMTՙ  Lightweight Vacuum Units Օ Hydraulic Hose Reel  Water Siphon Feed System Օ Telescoping Keyway  Light Bar Package Powerful,...

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Rising and Non Rising Valve Exerciser The Pow-R-Drive 2 is the industry's leading handheld exerciser, and no wonder. Offered in pneumatic, hydraulic and our hugely popular electric drive, the Pow-R-Drive 2 is the ultimate handheld for increased productivity, operator safety and valve protection. E.H. Wachs RS-2ٙ is a handheld exerciser designed to operate both rising and non rising stem valves (with the appropriate adaptors), delivering up to a powerful 800 ft-lbs (1085 Nm) of torque to exercise valves from 6" to 60" (DN150-1500). It's the most versatile and powerful machine of its kind. Hydraulic...

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Utility Pipe Cutter For over 60 years the E.H. Wachs Trav-L-Cutterٙ has been recognized worldwide as the most versatile machine of its kind. The Trav-L-Cutter is a portable milling machine capable of simultaneously cold cutting and beveling on all machinable pipe materials, schedules and sizes from 6" up to 72" O.D. (DN150-1800). Wachs Utility Pipe Cutter offers just what the name implies - Utility. A high-speed abrasive pipe cutter, it's designed to cut inline utility pipe from 6" to 24" O.D. (DN150-600). The UPC easily and safely cuts cast iron, ductile iron, clay, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass...

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guillC Pipe Saws Submersible The E.H. Wachs family of portable Guillotine® pipe saws are reciprocating designs, built to efficiently cut 2" through 32" (DN50-800) pipe of all materials*, as well as solids such as bar stock and rails. Their compact design and ease of use provide fast, accurate cutting of pipe for contractors, water departments, gas companies and most industrial piping applications. Wachs submersible pumps are lightweight, compact designs built to dewater quickly and efficiently. Featuring reliable and waterproof direct drive hydraulic motors, they can safely be run dry. Available...

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