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subsea - 9 Pages

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Catalogue excerpts

Superior Equipment. Complete Support.

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E.H. WACHS is the premier manufacturer of subsea, diver friendly cutting tools and systems. Wachs subsea engineers and support personnel are available 24/7 to assure positive outcomes in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments. AUTO FEED / CLAMP GUILLOTINE Only the finest stainless steel components are used. Powder coating, offshore epoxy paints, and iridescent zinc chromate coatings are the rule. Safety and performance are paramount at E.H. Wachs. Air start with spark arrestors and ESD protection, safety bypasses on hydraulic controls and over-speed shut down (for protection against...

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diamond wire saw LOW CLEARANCE WITH O.D. TRACKING SLIDES & AUTO CLAMP & LATCH W achs Subsea Wire Saws are designed to cut submerged pipe of varying materials and thicknesses. These machines operate on hydraulic power, and are controlled remotely using the Wachs Topside Control Panel including a hydraulic feed system. Using a wire rather than a blade provides reliable cutting on varied pipe materials, and helps to avoid binding if the pipe bends or pinches during a cut. D ivers often prefer this tool because its hinged design, low clearance capability and O.D. tracking slides make for shorter,...

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rail mill R ail mills make safe, uninterrupted axial cold cuts and bevels on multi-strand conductor and casing pipe. Integrated lifting attachments allow safe and easy positioning for vertical or horizontal orientation. The hydraulic milling cutter head (with bi-directional rotation) and the speed control can be operated via machine mount control or our top-side control unit. This is also a valuable tool for well remediation related to corroded casing repair. C ut and bevel 6” – 72” (152-1828mm) pipe and tube, plus vessels up to 33’ in diameter. The Trav-L-Cutter can be used in explosive conditions...

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subsea drills WITH AUTO FEED OFFSHORE HYDRAULIC Power THE E.H. WACHS SUBSEA CUTTING SYSTEM T hese drills are designed to quickly clamp to any size casing. Only the finest hardened materials and coatings (iridescent zinc chromate) are used. A standard #3 Morse Taper Spindle is used to drill holes up to 6” in diameter. Auto feed and full top side control functionality are incorporated. All of these E.H. Wachs subsea cutting tools integrate with other equipment and technologies (e.g. ROV’s) to help your team work safer and O ur power units are designed and field tested for safe off-shore use. There...

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DECK drillinG & cuttinG Q uick response is often the most critical factor in a successful operation. Wachs quickly created a combination cold-cutting, magnetic drill and mill to prepare platform decks for removal from the ocean floor. T he Wachs Plate Mill System incorporates Wachs proven milling technology and readily available components. This machine is extremely flexible and offers a wide choice of mounting arrangements such as magnets, chains or clamps. The Plate Mill virtually eliminates blade pinching and mounts on a variety of surfaces for access holes, venting and reconfiguring platforms....

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end mill cutter custom W achs Subsea has developed a series of machine solutions that utilize End Mill cutting technology, as opposed to standard single point and slitting saw type cutters. Much of the subsea cutting being done is on pipe that is under some type of compressive stress. This may cause pinching or binding if using conventional cutting tools. The Wachs End Mill attachment is able to cut its way out of most of these situations. The End Mill solution can be “On Demand Engineered” to meet many applications including radial and longitudinal cutting, window cutting, wedding caking and...

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control control rooms O A ur corrosion resistant, stainless steel remote control device is designed to perform under the most demanding conditions to insure diver safety. ddressing the need to provide a safe, quiet and weatherproof environment for technicians to operate underwater cutting tools from deck, Wachs Company designs and builds Top-Side Control Rooms. Even basic units are climate controlled with dual hydraulic control panels plumbed through bulkhead fittings integral to the control room. Also available are built-in trolley cranes with chain falls, video screens, and electronics consoles....

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Corporate Locations Wachs Subsea Sales Locations USA Worldwide Headquarters E.H. Wachs Company 600 Knightsbridge Parkway Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069 USA T: +1.847.537.8800 EASTERN CANADA Wachs Canada Ltd 1166 Gorham Street Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8W4 Canada T: +1.905.830.8888 WACHS WATER & GAS DISTRIBUTION PRODUCTS 455 Comanche Circle Harvard, IL 60033 T: +1.815.943.4785 WESTERN CANADA Wachs Canada Ltd 9409 47th Street Edmonton, Alberta Canada T6B 2R7 P: 780-469-6402 WACHS SUBSEA LLC. E.H. Wachs Company 11050 West Little York Building N Houston, Texas 77041 USA T: +1.713.983.0784 MIDDLE EAST &...

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