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LCSF ACCESSORIES LOW CLEARANCE SPLIT FRAME (LCSF™) Out-of-Round Slides Spring-loaded slides that track the surface of out-of-round pipe. Also applicable where centering the LCSF is difficult because of limited clearance. SDSF ACCESSORIES SMALL DIAMETER split frame (SDSF™) INTERCHANGEABLE TOOL SLIDES Modular designs mount in seconds; specify tool slides for your application. Worm Slides Heavy duty feed mechanisms for durability when cutting heavy wall pipe. Bridge Slide End prep accessory for beveling, compound beveling, J preps, and counterboring, available for 12” – 48” LCSFs. Universal...

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HEAVY DUTY SPLIT FRAME GUILLOTINE PIPE SAWS (HDSF™) TRAV-L-CUTTEr ® The most robust of the split frame line, HDSFs are built for the heaviest jobs yet remain field-portable. The four models available, Super C through the Goliath, cold cut 2” through 32” (ND50-800) pipe of all materials, as well as solids such as bar stock and rails. With their efficient operation, compact design and ease of setup, these models provide fast, accurate cold cutting of pipe for contractors, water departments, gas companies and refineries, as well as the nuclear industry, petrochemical plants, paper mills and...

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SDB ACCESSORIES End Prep Machines Thin-Wall Mount Kits Collet mounting system for clamping thin-walled pipe without deforming. Easy handling, setup and operation for light and heavy wall pipe, tube or casing. Extremely versatile and portable, the SDB end prep line provides maximum power and performance. Delivers fast, precise, on-site facing, compound beveling, and counter-boring in tight places. No other machine line performs as many different jobs as the SDBs. flange facing systems FF 206™ Cuts lathe quality surface finishes on flat and raised face flanges in minutes (Record Groove, RMS...

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BOILER MAINTENANCE This line of portable boiler tube beveling and cutting tools delivers maximum power and offers reduced size and weight. MODEL PIPE SIZE SB BEVELER MB BEVELER LB BEVELER SB Beveler™ Weld prepare tube and pipe from 0.69” I.D. through 2.25” O.D. (17.5 mm to 57.2 mm) up to 0.375” (9.5 mm) wall. Available in pneumatic or electric. CB BEVELER * PANEL PRO AIR POWERED PANEL SAW POWER SOURCES 0.69” I.D. to 2.25” O.D. Air or Electric 17.52 mm I.D. to 57.15 mm O.D. 1.0” I.D. to 3.25” O.D. Air or Electric 25.4 mm I.D. to 82.55 mm O.D. 1.16” I.D. to 4.5” O.D. Air or Electric 29.5 mm...

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MUlti-axial power drill™ valve turnerS power units Pow-R-Drive 2™ GASoline Cart Mount 9 to 11 HP • 8 to 10 GPM (30 L / min to 38 L / min) Rated for 1500 PSI (103 bar) The E.H. Wachs Multi-Axial PowerDrill™ is the newest and most revolutionary industrial drill ever invented. Designed for drilling, boring and tapping pipe and vessels of virtually any diameter, it offers extraordinary travel in five axes for incredible flexibility. Powerful enough to drill a 5” (127mm) diameter hole in high yield material, the Multi-Axial PowerDrill™ is extremely versatile. Built with high-torque gearing, a...

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Corporate Locations Wachs Subsea Sales Locations UNITED STATES CANADA UNITED KINGDOM Worldwide Headquarters E.H. Wachs 600 Knightsbridge Parkway Lincolnshire, Illinois 60069 USA T: +1.847.537.8800 F: +1.847.520.1147 Wachs Canada Ltd Eastern Canada Sales & Service Center 1166 Gorham Street, Unit 8 Newmarket, Ontario L3Y 8W4 Canada T: +1.905.830.8888 F: +1.905.830.6050 Water Utility Products E.H. Wachs 455 Comanche Circle Harvard, Illinois 60033 USA T: +1.815.943.4785 F: +1.815.943.5098 Wachs Canada Ltd Western Canada Sales & Service Center 5411 82nd Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2J6 Canada T:...

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