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Catalogue excerpts


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An Industry Leader in Pipeline Maintenance Since 1949 Pipelines and the materials they transport are a vital part of modern life, and an important economic asset. As one of the world’s oldest and largest manufacturers of field portable machine tools used in pipeline maintenance, E.H. Wachs products are ideal for cutting, beveling and weld preps on gathering, transportation and distribution pipelines carrying oil, natural gas and petrochemical products. The most important consideration in pipeline maintenance is safety, including operator The most important consideration safety, of the population...

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Following input from natural gas utilities E. H. Wachs introduced the first generation of cold cutting machine tools in 1949, called the Trav-L-Cutter®. This device revolutionized pipe cutting - with the ability to drive itself around the pipe on its mounting chain, it utilized a high speed milling head to simultaneously cut and bevel. Now used in every corner of the world, the Trav-L-Cutter set the standard for an easy to use machine that produced a weld ready surface in one step. Portable Machine Tools for Pipeliners E.H. Wachs is the innovator in the E.H. Wachs offers a wide range newest generation...

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Pipeline Applications E.H. Wachs is the leader in portable weld prep machines tools for virtually every type and size of pipeline used in the field. Wachs offers the most complete lineup of split frames that operate on the principal of a lathe, utilizing a rotating frame with fixed tooling to achieve highly precise and repeatable results. Lathe technology is ideal for the 360 degree machining operations used on pipelines such as cutting, beveling, counterboring and facing. Other Wachs machining technologies include milling devices such as our world famous Trav-L-Cutter that HDSF Split Frame The...

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LCSF Split Frames The LCSF Low Clearance Split Frames are available in sizes to handle 2” to 48” (DN50-1200) pipe, and features aluminum and steel construction to balance the demands of portability and durability. Wachs split frames utilize a safe, cold cutting method that avoids torching while preserving the metallurgical properties of the base metal. Available in pneumatic and hydraulic models, E.H. Wachs split frames are the basis of a complete machining system designed to tackle many of the onsite pipeline machining projects encountered in the field. This machining system includes optional...

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LCSF MODEL US PIPE SIZE TRAV-L-CUTTER TABLE METRIC PIPE SIZE DN50-150 Hydraulic, Pneumatic TRAV-L-CUTTER US PIPE SIZE METRIC PIPE SIZE POWER SOURCE DN100-200 HDSF pivots open LCSF 206/3 2” to 6” OD for ease of installation on large diameter 4” to 8” OD LCSF 408/3 pipelines. POWER SOURCE Hydraulic, Pneumatic Model E 6" to 72" OD DN150-1800 Pneumatic Model HE 6" to 72" OD DN150-1800 Hydraulic EP 424 MODEL US PIPE SIZE METRIC PIPE SIZE POWER SOURCE EP 424 Form Tool 4" to 16" OD DN100-400 Pneumatic, Hydraulic EP 424 Single Point 4" to 24" OD DN100-600 Pneumatic, Hydraulic LCSF 610/3 6” to 10” OD DN150-250...

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LCSF 610/3 6” to 10” OD DN150-250 Hydraulic, Pneumatic LCSF 612/3 6” to 12” OD DN150-300 Hydraulic, Pneumatic LCSF 814/3 8” to 14” OD DN200-350 Hydraulic, Pneumatic LCSF 1016/3 10” to 16” OD DN250-400 Hydraulic, Pneumatic LCSF 1420/3 14” to 20” OD DN350-500 Hydraulic, Pneumatic LCSF 1824/3 18” to 24” OD DN450-600 Hydraulic, Pneumatic LCSF 2228/3 22” to 28” OD DN550-700 Hydraulic, Pneumatic LCSF 2632/3 26” to 32” OD DN650-800 Hydraulic, Pneumatic LCSF TABLE LCSF 3036/3 30” to 36” OD DN750-900 Hydraulic, Pneumatic LCSF MODEL LCSF 3642/3 US PIPE SIZE 36” to 42” OD METRIC PIPE SIZE DN900-1050 POWER...

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¨ Corporate Locations Wachs Subsea Sales Locations Contact your local E.H. Wachs representative for additional information or to request a product demonstration. UNITED STATES CANADA Gulf States Service & Rental Center E.H. Wachs 2220 South Philippe Avenue Gonzales, LA 70737 USA T: +1.225.644.7780 F: +1.225.644.7785 Wachs Canada Ltd® Western Canada Sales & Service Center 5411 82nd Avenue Edmonton, Alberta T6B 2J6 Canada T: +1.780.469.6402 F: +1.780.463.0654 Toll Free: 800.661.4235 Utility Products E.H. Wachs 455 Comanche Circle Harvard, IL 60033 USA T: +1.815.943.4785 F: +1.815.943.5098 Toll Free:...

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