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Catalogue excerpts


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Superior Equipment E.H. Wachs experience in nuclear power dates back to the dawn of the nuclear age. Following our defense work for the U.S. Navy in the 1940’s, we became known as a reliable supplier of specialized equipment. When the Navy made history in 1954 with the launch of the first nuclear powered submarine, the USS Nautilus, Wachs was there. We machined the Nautilus’ reactor seal, marking the beginning of our long history of achievements in the nuclear field. The lessons learned from early nuclear propulsion systems were carried forward to the first generation of civilian nuclear power...

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Complete Support When you choose E.H. Wachs you’re partnering with the industry leader in onsite machining for the nuclear power industry. When choosing a partner the support after the sale is critical, meaning the availability of parts, service, tooling, training, and technical support. We call it Complete Support, and it includes our worldwide dealer network and strategically Support includes located Sales and Service Centers. Most importantly, it 60 years of includes the engineering talent knowledge acquired and manufacturing capability to modify standard products working with the or custom...

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Onsite Machine Tools E.H. Wachs offers a wide range of portable weld prep machine tools that have been successfully used in nuclear power plants around the world. Available for sale or rent, every Wachs machine uses a precise, cold cutting machining process that produces highly repeatable results. Easy to set up and operate, they deliver fast preps and an even faster ROI. SPLIT FRAMES The split frame is a rotating ring machine tool designed to cut, bevel, single point and counterbore pipe, splitting in half for external mounting to inline pipe, or slipping intact over an open end. Shown above...

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Nuclear Applications While cutting and beveling pipe and tubes for weld preparation is the most common task of our standard machine tools, E.H. Wachs and Orbitalum products find many usages throughout nuclear power plant component systems, both inside and outside of containment. The chart below matches nuclear plant component systems to product applications. FLANGE FACERS FF series flange facers are based on the powerful and versatile SDB series of bevelers. Easy to setup and operate by a single user, the FF series feature a guick change mandrel system for fast installation. This system provides...

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Nuclear Projects E.H. Wachs machine tools find many uses in nuclear power plants for construction, maintenance, power uprates or decommissioning. Shown here are a few examples of our products at work, giving an indication of their versatility. Wachs machine tools deliver precision results onsite previously only available off site, saving valuable time and money on maintenance and outages. BELLOWS EXPANSION JOINT REPLACEMENT Condenser bellows are subject to corrosion and fatigue, and during replacement are often upgraded to stainless steel. Replacement may be complicated by location or limited...

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Engineered Products E.H. Wachs Engineered Products division designs and manufactures semi-customized and fully customized machines and products built for a specific application or project. Partnering with many of the industry’s leading firms we’ve created products ranging from simple adaptations of standard tooling and machines to the most complex systems. PLANT DECOMMISSIONING REACTOR SECTIONING Engineered Products is expert in creating products used in nuclear plant decommissioning, both inside and outside containment. Pictured is a girth style machine designed to perform an internal cut through...

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CORPORATE LOCATIONS SALES LOCATIONS UNITED STATES ITW-OCW US Headquarters E.H. Wachs® 600 Knightsbridge Parkway Lincolnshire, IL 60069 USA T: +1.847.537.8800 F: +1.847.520.1147 Toll Free: 800.323.8185 Gulf Coast Sales, Service & Rental Center E.H. Wachs 2220 South Philippe Avenue Gonzales, LA 70737 USA T: +1.225.644.7780 F: +1.225.644.7785 Houston North Sales, Service & Rental Center E.H. Wachs / Wachs Subsea® 15331 Vantage Parkway East Houston, Texas 77032 USA T: +1.713.983.7198 F: +1.713.983.9752 Houston South Sales, Service & Rental Center E.H. Wachs 3414 Lilac Unit E Pasadena, Texas 77505...

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