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Catalogue excerpts

CUSTOM SOLUTIONS Superior Equipment. Complete Support!"

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PRODUCT INNOVATION ENGINEERED PRODUCTS GROUP E.H. WACHS 1932 A HISTORY OF SUCCESS For over 125 years E.H. Wachs has been in the forefront of field portable pipe and tube cutting, beveling and weld preparation technologies. As an engineering driven firm, E.H. Wachs offers unparalleled depth of experience and expertise in the design and manufacturing of precision machinery. WHO WE ARE Over 40 years ago E.H. Wachs formed a Special Projects Engineering Group to address the ongoing demand for specialized machinery. The primary purpose of this group was to develop alternative tools for meeting unique...

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INNOVATIVE MACHINE TOOLS Our Special Products Group engineers are experts at combining the best technologies to create a machining system for challenging applications. Every tooling system we deliver comes with new innovations built from our legacy of work. The chart below shows the cutting technology innovations we have developed for various machine industry markets. MARKET Related Industries Machine Adaptations standard products / special tooling Demilitarization chemical weapons / armaments Sustainment missiles / nuclear / ordinances Remote cutting hot cell / subsea / nuclear New construction...

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PRODUCT INNOVATION LATHE Girth Cutting & Weld Preparation Machine PROJECT SCOPE Simultaneously perform precise machine cuts and weld preparations on both the existing steam drums and the new replacement sub assemblies measuring 16’ 9” OD x 6.54” wall. WACHS SOLUTION Custom design and build a total of two specialized OD mounted split frame machines, each consisting of twin opposing tool carriers and 12 integral clamping pads for fine positioning. The girth machine was fabricated into four equal quadrants having a final OD dimension of 21’. Northeast Utilities Millstone Nuclear Power Station M117A3...

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Lathe cutting is used when a project requires 360° machining of objects like pipe, vessels, cylinders and conical objects. Lathe machines achieve high accuracy and repeatability by utilizing a rotating frame with fixed tooling. Lathe operations include cutting, beveling, counterboring and facing. 155mm High Speed Projectile Cutter PROJECT SCOPE Provide a means for remotely severing 155MM chemical projectiles to enable the safe retrieval and disposal of GB, VX and other Biohazard chemical agents housed inside the projectile. WACHS SOLUTION Custom design and build multiple high speed lathe cutting...

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PRODUCT INNOVATION MILL CUTTING Subsea Rail Mill Machine PROJECT SCOPE A decommissioning system was needed to segment 24”-7-5/8” OD string casings in a subsea environment. WACHS SOLUTION Custom design and build a portable rail platform equipped with a bi-directional milling head for performing uninterrupted 10’ axial segmentation cuts in both directions. Stolt Offshore Pocket Milling Machine PROJECT SCOPE The new steam generators being installed at Callaway Nuclear Station required the flange pedestals or bearing surface pockets to be remachined for matching existing column elevations. Estimated...

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Milling utilizes a rotating cutter mounted to a carrier that follows a linear or radial path. Compared to Lathe cutting, Milling produces fine chip debris and is not limited to a 360 degree operation; this is particularly useful for localized machining or partial segmentation. Milling operations include cutting, beveling, facing, grooving, pockets and windows. Pressure Vessel Refurbishment Machine PROJECT SCOPE A refurbishment system was needed to remove MOS remnant and surface PT indications on reactor omega seals to support the Navy’s refueling activities. The surface flatness requirement was...

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PRODUCT INNOVATION RECIPROCATING Remote Guillotine® Saw PROJECT SCOPE Out of Service Flygt Pumps once used for transferring contaminated wastes to and from multiple tank farms located at Hanford’s DOE site needed to be remotely severed for decommissioning purposes. WACHS SOLUTION Custom design and build a specialized Guillotine® saw outfitted with auto feed / auto clamp features for remotely attaching and severing the contaminated Flygt Pumps in the field. CH2M HILL - HANFORD Superhackzall Saw PROJECT SCOPE A specialized reciprocating severing saw system was required for the dismantlement of a...

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Reciprocating utilizes a straight blade moving in repeated forward and backward motion. E.H. Wachs reciprocating machines feature an advanced elliptical cutting action that lifts the blade on the return stroke, enhancing cutting efficiency and minimizing blade wear. Reciprocating operations include severing solid bar, nested materials and irregular shaped workpieces. SNS Mercury Target Cutting Station PROJECT SCOPE A cutting system was required to expose internal mercury target segments for further analysis and subsequent testing. The mercury target is comprised of a matrix of stainless steel...

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PRODUCT INNOVATION CHIPLESS CUTTING MLRS Segmentation Equipment PROJECT SCOPE A total of (3) segmentation cuts were required to be performed on a single multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) without producing any metal chip debris. The rockets are made out of aluminum materials having an approximate wall thickness of .130”. The machine was required to perform over 50,000 cutting cycles without requiring the need of service maintenance. WACHS SOLUTION Two solid bearing rotating platforms were custom designed and built for seamless integration to the U.S. Army’s de-mating module. The platforms housed...

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Chipless cutting utilizes a sharp edge wheel that orbits around a workpiece while inward pressure is applied to displace material and ultimately sever workpiece. Chipless cutting or FME (Foreign Material Exclusion) is used for applications where chip debris cannot be tolerated. Chipless cutters are used in hot cells, high purity settings, and for D&D of chemical agents and explosive munitions. Bechtel Ton Container Station PROJECT SCOPE U.S. Department of Defense needed to destroy a WWII stockpile of chemical agent stored inside ton containers (TC) at a military base in Maryland. The TC is a steel...

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