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Catalogue excerpts

E.H. Wachs is a pioneer in weld preparation products designed E.H. Wachs and Orbitalum products use a “cold cutting” machining and built to serve the unique needs of the oil and gas industry. method, increasingly specified wherever hydrocarbons are present to In 1949 a large natural gas supplier looked to us for a safer way eliminate the risks associated with hot torch cutting and grinding. to cut and bevel their pipelines prior to welding. This lead to In an industry where downtime is measured in the introduction of the revolutionary Wachs Trav-L-Cutter®, a thousands or hundreds of thousands...

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one source When you select an ITW Orbital Cutting & Welding product you gain access to the entire engineering, sales and product resources of ITW, a Fortune 200 global organization with operations in over 58 countries. When you partner with us you’re not only partnering with the industry leader in portable weld preparation machine tools and orbital welding systems, you’re partnering with ITW, the industry leader in advanced welding technologies. Before and after the sale, we offer complete support including knowledgeable sales and customer service personnel, advanced training options, available...

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As the foundation of a successful tube and pipe welding program, our weld prep products and orbital welders are renowned for delivering precise, high quality, repeatable results. LOW CLEARANCE SPLIT FRAMES The LCSF low clearance split frame is a rotating ring machine tool designed to cut, bevel, single point and counterbore pipe, splitting in half for external mounting to inline pipe, or slipping intact over an open end. A wide range of accessories are available to adapt the machine to multiple tasks, including tools slides and bridge slide for single pointing and flange facing. The LCSF series...

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size ranges EH WACHS TOOL Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric Hydraulic, Pneumatic Pneumatic, Electric Pneumatic, Electric Pneumatic, Electric Pneumatic, Electric Pneumatic, Electric Pneumatic, Electric Hydraulic, Pneumatic Hydraulic, Pneumatic Hydraulic, Pneumatic Hydraulic, Pneumatic Hydraulic, Pneumatic Hydraulic, Pneumatic Pneumatic, Electric Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Electric Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric Hydraulic, Pneumatic, Electric Hydraulic,...

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cutting & beveling E.H. Wachs offers one of the largest lineups of pipe cold cutting and beveling equipment offered anywhere in the world. Industrial piping not joined by flanges typically requires a bevel prior to being welded. This process of collectively cutting and beveling pipe is called “weld prep”. Our cold cutting weld prep eliminates the flame used in torch cutting, an obvious safety benefit, and creates a precision machined bevel ready for welding. A significant advantage of the machining or cold cutting process over thermal is preventing the creation of a HAZ, or Heat Affected Zone....

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flange facing FF Series E.H. Wachs offers a range of equipment for flange facing lathe quality record grove, RMS 500, 250, 125 and 63 finishes on flat, raised or recessed flanges. Wachs FF series of flange facers are available in three models that cover a range of 2” (50.8mm) I.D. to 24” (610mm) O.D. Their lightweight, self centering design makes them fast and easy to setup and operate. With the optional SDB Conversion Kit your FF series machine can be used for flange facing as well as beveling, facing, compound beveling and counterboring. This is a powerful advantage over ordinary single purpose...

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heat exchanger Orbitalum manufactures the world’s leading microprocessor controlled tube to tube sheet welding solutions used in the fabrication and maintenance of heat exchangers, box headers and internal bore welding. The Orbimat power supply units, both the 165CA and the more powerful 300CA, are designed to be easily transportable and easy to program, setup and operate. For maximum productivity the optional Orbitwin switching device allows alternate operation of two weld heads from a single power supply. The Orbimat 300CA power supply unit, coupled with the industry leading P20 compact and...

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casing cutting E.H. Wachs products are the first choice of oil and gas professionals involved in wellhead and casing cutting applications. We manufacture machine tools designed specifically for these applications, including split frames for outside (external) casing cuts, Wachs EICC for external and internal casing cuts, and our Guillotine reciprocating saws for quick P&A (Plug and Abandonment) projects. In addition to their legendary reliability Wachs machines are lightweight and compact, designed to fit into the tight operating envelopes typically found in many of these operations. LCSF external...

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valve operators rental centers E.H. Wachs offers our clients the choice of purchasing or renting our equipment, depending on their needs. Virtually every product we make is available for short or long term rental, and ships quickly from our strategically located Sales, Service and Rental Centers. Rentals are a great option for short term usage such as repair projects and scheduled turnarounds. Offering more than just equipment and tooling, Wachs RS-2 Sales and Rental Centers are staffed with expert product specialists to help you quickly specify the right machine, power source and tooling for...

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When reliability matters... We're there. As your global partner in oil & gas pipe cutting & welding applications, ITW has a market leading portfolio of best in class brands serving the industry with reliable and responsible Miller Electric Mfg. Co., headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin is a leading worldwide manufacturer of Miller brand arc welding fabrication, manufacturing, maintenance Pipe Welding Technology (PWT) is a manufacturer and supplier of equipment and tools for automatic weldinq in outdoor applications, includinq advanced mechanical, electronic and arc control technoloqy used in Hobart...

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