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Setting big things into motion. Control Levers.

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Thruster lever D30 family Rudder control AZ1 family Possible features can be included: LED-ulluminated scale Optional Output signal Current- or voltage output respectively CAN-Bus Possible As single thruster double thruster, Mini wheel and Azimuth RPM Switching angle 60 degrees Steering 360° Force Feedback Optional Technical data: Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems general requirements according to IEC 60945 Environmental test specification for instrumentation and automation equipment according to DNV Standard for interfacing marine electronic devices according to...

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Define your own customized solution including ■    Required haptics to be controlled by customer commands ■    Detents with free programable various characteristics ■    Detents and haptic with various strength. ■    Detents and haptic in various deflection angles ■    Possible to turn on illegal areas, which could be forbidden zone, gate or vibrations ■    Areas with SW simulated spring return force Follow up made (master-slave-mode)

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Double Handle Controller D3 W. Gessmann GmbH Postfach 11 51 74207 Leingarten Eppinger StraBe 221 74211 Leingarten ®EEBSMAH»fIndustrial Controllers

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