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Catalogue excerpts

Setting big things into motion. Ergonomics Meets Control Technology

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Ergonomic Meets Control Technology Rotatable KST 19 Control Unit The rotatable KST 19 control unit was ergonomically designed and meets the highest requirements for comfort. Control panels The KST 19 control unit features multi-functional control panels which can be moved sideways, turned and tilted by two handles on the underside of the panels. The panels can also be customized with individual operating devices. For this, Gessmann offers a large range of compatible joystick models as well as buttons, switches, control dials, control lamps and displays. Seat The comfortable driver seat, featuring...

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Unlimited/limitless use At work, a good posture will significantly contribute to your well-being and to maintaining your work performance. With our KST 19 control unit, we can offer you the latest technology including the precision that is necessary for cranes and lifting equipment. We will also be happy to provide you with solutions that are customized to meet your demands. “From use in tower cranes… …to control rooms for gantry cranes serving hopper/bunker systems.“ Whether it is used for a crane or a hopper/bunker system – with its special design, the KST 19 control unit can be used for the...

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Ergonomics Meets Control Technology Scientifically proven Under ergonomic as well as under medical aspects, it is recommendeda that one changes the body‘s position regularly. Our KST 19 control unit, with its multi-functional adjustable control panels, offers the unique option to switch between a sitting or standing position while working. his minimizes the risk of musculoskeletal disorders resulting from one-sided strains that typically occur with this type of work. In the course of a scientific study conducted by the Chair of Ergonomics of the Technical University of Dresden, in cooperation with...

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Usability Comprehensive usability tests as well as comfort studies carried out for the KST 19 control unit in the course of the study confirmed the results of the software-based assessments. The results were compared to the requirements of national and international standards. The posture and ergonomics values were compared to the data from the ISO 11226 and DIN EN 1005-4 standards. Usability and comfort Different postures while sitting or standing in specific scenarios (unobstructed view, looking down, looking up) were tested using a selected subject group consisting of women and men of all ages...

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Ergonomics meets Control Technology Seat Comfort For the best seat comfort, maximum pressure values in the range from 2 to 7 kPa are recommended for the area of the upper and lower back as well as the area of the upper thigh. These values could be scientifically proven for short-term as well as long-term use during the tests conducted on the KST 19 control unit. Pressure distribution measurements To assess the seat comfort, an analysis of the measured pressure values was carried out in addition to the subjective evaluation through the subject interviews. This method is also used in the automotive...

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Strain on the Muscles With the correct adjustment of the seat and the control panels, the shoulder and neck muscles will not be stressed any more than when doing normal work on a personal computer. If the operator also switches between seated and standing operating positions on the control unit there will be an additional positive effect. Surface electromyography By means of SEMG measurements, the strain on the muscles of the shoulder and neck areas as well as in the area of the lumbar spine were determined in different working positions. The results show that especially in the area of the lumbar...

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Adjustment options ■ Swiveling control unit (complete unit) ■ Horizontal adjustment of seat with control panel ■ Height/vertical adjustment of seat including control panels ■ Adjustment of backrest ■ Horizontal adjustment of seat ■ Left/right control panel adjustable ■ Horizontal adjustment of control panels ■ Height/vertical adjustment of control panels in relation to seat ■ Tilt adjustment of control panels ■ Hinged monitor holder Technical data and relevant standards Allowed ambient temperature Rated voltage range Climatic resistance Damp heat, constant Damp heat, cyclic Protection class

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Equipment box in centre adjustable ±22 Horizontal adjustment seat with equipment boxes 125 125 Monitor mounting support rotable about monitor <5kg left or right Vertical weight adjustment seat incl. equipment boxes (weight loaded) Horizontal adjustment of equipment boxes 185 185 Vertical adjustment equipment boxes to seat 25 25 Monitor mounting support rotable about monitor >5kg left or right Horizontal adjustment seat 200 40 Backrest adjustable Equipment box in centre adjustable ±22 monitor mounting support rotable Inclination adjustement of equipment boxes left box 45° to the middle rotable right...

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Ergonomics Meets Control Technology Data base The procedures and testing methods used in the ergonomic assessment* are based on the latest findings and codes and standards or implement such. The test results reflect the state-of-the-art. Anthropometry and posture analysis ■■ DIN 33402-2, edition: 2005-12 “Ergonomics - Human body dimensions - Part 2: Values” ■■ DIN CEN ISO/TR 7250-2, edition: 2013-08 “Basic human body measurements for technological design - Part 2: Statistical summaries of body measurements from national populations (ISO/TR 7250-2:2010 + Amd 1:2013); German edition CEN ISO/TR 7250-2:2011...

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Institut fur Technische logistikund Ob OO Arbeitssysteme Work Systems Chair of Ergonomics Authors of the study Prof. Dr.-lng. Martin Schmauder Dipl.-lng. Daniel Grollich In cooperation with GWT-TUD GmbH TECHNISCHE UNIVERSITAT DRESDEN DGES5MANN Industrial Controllers

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