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Industrial controllers The double-handle controller D 3 is a rugged switching device according IEC/EN 60947-5-1 for nautical navigation applications. The modular design enables the switching device to be used universally. The D 3 is resistant to oil, maritime climate, ozone and UV radiation. Contact complement 0,5 A 110 V AC 15 or 1,5 A 24 V DC 13 I min > 0,2 mA 2 V DC 12 Gold plated for max. load of 0,12 Watt (standard) Mechanical life Permissible ambient temperature 12 million (operating cycles) Operation -40° C to +60° C Storage -50° C to +80° C Climate resistance Damp heat constant Damp heat cyclic Degree of protection front Technical data see catalog 5/100 Description data see catalog 5/020 Spindle block with schematic representation of the master controller installation and deflection directions. Version shown for left-hand side installation (right-hand side installation is mirror image). Type D3LQQ-2ZP+2ZP-B… right 2 4 6 8 Deflection directions designated to DIN 15025 Type expansion Weight gramm Price EURO Double-handle controller left Double-handle controller right Control-handle with knob solid Control-handle with push button Masterswitch (contact) switching sequence -0Direction 1-2 and 3-4 each 1 masterswitch Switching program according contact-arrangement MS... see catalog 5/001 or to your contact-arrangement Control-handle with T-grip Control-handle with T-grip and push button side 1 NO Control-handle long or short -20 mm +20 mm Friction brake adjustable Switching sequence special Potentiometer e.t.c. each direction with mounted Conductive-plastic potentiometer T 246, with centre tap linear 0,5 Watt wiper current max. 1 mA, resistance 2 x 5k P214 Prepared for mounting potentiometer shaft 6 mm adjusting-angle 2 x 75° Prepared for mounting potentiometer e.t.c. adjusting-angle variable. more Potentiometer e.t.c. see catalog 1/240ff Cover housing Filter plug M 20 for air-condition Cable entry M 25 with anti-kink protection Indicating label eloxal aluminium plate silvery (included in the spindle block) Engraving, each 10 characters

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Industrial controllers T-grip D = push button Cover plate Adjustment screw for friction brake Cover housing Screw terminal Filter plug M 20 Cable entry M 25 D Knob solid D = push button Hole pattern doube handle controller installation side L o. R special control handle handle contact set dir. 1-2 (5-6) friction brake dir. 1-2 (5-6) Potentiometer dir. 1-2 (5-6) contact set dir. 3-4 (7-8) -X- A05 P214 +A98 P214 Potentiometer description dir. 3-4 (7-8) see 1/240ff Arrangement dir. 3-4 (7-8) see 5/001 Potentiometer description dir. 1-2 (5-6) see 1/240ff Arrangement dir. 1-2 (5-6) see 5/001 special...

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